There Places to visit in Cuba consist of such beautiful places that they are all worth to be seen. Cuba consist of 5 cities where you can see all the history and natural beauties . The capital city Havana has the most beautiful sightseeing spots of the country. In this sense, you can get all the details when to go to Cuba, what to eat in Cuba, what to buy from Cuba.

places to visit in cuba

The question of when to go to Cuba is not a problem for people who want to travel to this country. Places to visit in Cuba, which is a beautiful in every season, are always warm and lush. With its natural beauties and live music that comes across every street, Cuba offers you a very different discovery opportunity. With its unchanging historical structures, it offers different points for taking photographs. The cultural elements of the country, which has a different lifestyle since its independence, are worth seeing. Food culture is just one of these items.


Cuba is an island country with a tropical climate. Therefore, it is possible to go here in every season of the year. Christmas and July august are the times when tourists flock here. Therefore, you can watch your calmer times by taking these periods into consideration. Prices are also very high in this period in the country. It is not possible to find places and travel the sights as you wish.


Places to visit in Cuba are largely made up of unspoilt historical sites. However, its lush nature is among the places that determine the travel routes of Cuba. Travel destinations such as Havana, Santa Clara and Trinidad are the most visited cities. Here you will experience the most troubling journey in history. How long it takes to spend in these places to make a beautiful Cuba tour is detailed below.


There are many places to visit in Havana, from the historical streets to the sea and places of natural beauty. In addition, the fact that Havana is the capital provides convenience to tourists in many respects. You can see the sights with a classic car ride. In Havana, you come across people trying to sell something to tourists. Although this is the negative aspect of Havana, their approach to it with much affection can ignore this negativity.

Spending at least 2, maximum 4 days in Havana will be enough for you to travel the whole city in the best way.

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In Cuba, which has been under Spanish colony for many years, historical buildings bearing the traces of this civilization are also located in Trinidad. Everyone who comes here definitely visits the town of Trinidad. It is not possible not to get caught up in the historical mystical atmosphere of this place. In this place, which has beautiful historical stone streets, you will discover a discovery point where time is frozen.

If you have time for Trinidad, it will be enough to spare two days. This time is enough to explore the whole town of Trinidad.




One of Cuba’s most beautiful cities is Santiago de Cuba. This is the second largest city of Cuba. The population is said to be around 500 thousand. The vast majority of the living people have migrated from the African continent. This was the capital of the country before. There are also important ports. Here are the points we can call the cultural capital of the country.

Cespedes ParkĀ 

This park is one of the leading places to visit in the city. We can say that the heart of the city beats here. There are buildings such as Town Hall, Diego Velazquez House, Cathedral, Club San Carlos and Hotel Casa Granda in this square.

Diego de Velazquez

It is the oldest Spanish building preserved in Latin America, built between 1516 and 1530. It is present as the most beautiful example of colonial architecture. This building was the center of the first government. Here is an example of the art of art. It is a museum where products such as Spanish ceramics, carved bodies, French porcelains are exhibited.

Emilio Bacardi Moreau

Founded in 1927, this museum was made by Emilio Bacardi. It has neocalcic effects. There are three departments: art, history and archeology. Inside, Jose Martin’s special items are on display.


Although Cienfuegos is not a lot of places to visit, it is still a great place worth seeing. There are beautiful towns here. In this beautiful city in the south of Cuba, its street and palace are among the most beautiful places to see the sea.

It is enough to spend a day here for a city. You can easily visit in one day. If you have more time, take it to other sightseeing spots.



It is known as the city of Che Guevara. There is also a monument here. The most important reason why people come here is this monument. In other words, one of the places to visit in Santa Clara is this monument and the other is the train museum that provided weapons to soldiers during the revolution.

Cuban Beaches

Cuba has wonderful beaches where you can watch the most beautiful sunset and cool off by swimming all the time. Here we can say that the water is very clean and the coolness of the sea takes the heat of the country. Especially south beaches are very preferred. Santa maria beach is one of the most preferred beaches of Cuba. Located 30 minutes from Havana, this place is one of the places to visit in Cuba.

Cuba – Vinales Valley

This place is located 2.5 hours from Havana. It has such a beautiful nature that it impresses everyone. Here, thousands of years old cave entrance has just been discovered. The entrance of the cave is covered with large vegetation. Today, this is one of the major tourist spots. Here is the limestone cave and the greenest Cuban landscape.


When it is said what to buy a gift , the first product that comes to mind is coffee. Everyone brings this product to their loved ones for a taste of their coffee on their trip to Cuba. You can also buy handmade hats and bags from here. One of the items to buy gifts in Cuba is handicraft items. Here, locals make very nice products with their hands. These products are also a great option to gift. At the same time, the miniatures of the classic cars, which are a symbol of this place, and the table shapes are also among the items that can be purchased as gifts.


The most beautiful things to eat are fruits. In the country with a tropical climate, you should definitely taste the fruits that are juicy and beautiful from each other. These fruits are already on the table in the morning, noon and evening. They definitely start with these fruits before meals.

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