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Most luxurious Holiday Destinations . Investors and giant companies holding the tourism industry think of everything to ensure that their guests can enjoy all the luxurious facilities in their holiday resorts. By adding different features to their existing concepts every year, they try to increase their preferability and being the distinguished place. Some resorts can be quite costly. Some holidays, especially preferred by the rich and famous, may not even be an option for most of us.

In this article, we tried to compile the most luxurious holiday destinations . It cannot be more luxurious holiday than the places on this list. These venues are; It offers a holiday full of unlimited possibilities, such as the heliport, dedicated staff and dance studio.

World’s Most Luxurious Holiday Destinations

10. St. James – Barbados

most luxurious holiday destinations

The luxury holiday villa has lush gardens and tropical views of Barbados. Also near the villa there is a golf course and vibrant blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Specially built villas; It also has a terrace surrounded by palm trees, an infinity pool, 5 bedrooms, a spa and a hot tub. In the villa at no extra charge; The butler, cook and butler will give you special service.

9. Santa Barbara – California

most expensive holiday destinations

The two-acre villa in the heart of Montecito offers you; It offers a romantic holiday opportunity with a large pool, spa, tennis court, and more. Ravenscroft Villa brings many possibilities including iron doors, fireplace, library, secret passages and wine cellar to your feet.

This luxury villa draws attention with its classical architecture and design. The place promises you a very peaceful environment with its green grass gardens and relaxing outdoor terrace. In addition, the villa has a sofa, exercise room and pool where you can sit at dusk in front of the private stone fireplace.

Santa Barbara; With its 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, it offers an amazing holiday opportunity to holidaymakers. The cottage is also surrounded by a charming fruit garden.

8. Miami Beach – Florida

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Timeshare is located in the exclusive North Bay Road area of ​​Miami Beach. Luxury villa with contemporary American architectural features; It offers you a magnificent view of Miami with its 6 bedrooms and bathroom, luxury docks. For the distinguished residents of the nearby North Bay Community; It comes with golf, food and entertainment.

7. Punta Mita – Mexico

best holiday destinations

One of the most luxurious holiday destination in Casa Querencia, you can enjoy your holiday in the private seaside mansion as you wish. This private facility in Nayarit is on the white sand beach. This special place; It has features such as jacuzzi, hot tub, infinity pool, outdoor bar, fire pit and private beach.

You can indulge yourself with traditional Mexican food in the villa. You can also take a stroll along the road to watch the sunset. The interior of the 5 bedrooms of the villa is designed with handcrafted furniture made of native tropical hardwoods.

6. Paia – Hawaii

Located on 4.1 acres of land, Paia offers you, our precious guests, a luxury vacation. There is a volcano near the beach of Maui North Shore on the ocean coast. The beach is surrounded by over 100 coconut trees with amazing views. Tree house designed for 6 people; It features facilities such as a jacuzzi, bathtub and a private gym.

5. Phoenix – Arizona

best arizona

Arizona Phoenix; Camelback Vista is a luxury villa with mountain view, located on the edge of a 13 meter cliff. The hot tub in front of the villa has been chosen by Spa Magazine as the “hottest tub of the year”. The stylish house is built in a mountain with a terrace.

Home; The fitness center offers you facilities such as green skylight, illuminated pool, gym and climbing activity. Offering 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, this luxury villa is surrounded by lush green scenery and only 5 minutes from the fascinating event in Old Town Scottsdale.

4. Park City – Utah


In Park City, you have the opportunity to go out from your front door and ski. In the host; You can enjoy many more, including 7 spacious bedrooms, private locker rooms and sauna. Gorgeous villa; In the middle of fir and aspens, it has a unique mountain and valley view. Villa is for you; It offers facilities such as entertainment centers, games room, card tables.

3. Providenciales – Turks and Caicos Islands

luxurious holiday destinations

The islands of Turks and Caicos is real luxurious holiday destinations offer vacationers a real dream. These islands are the most sought-after resorts after the Caribbean. The private mansion offers 180 degree turquoise ocean views. In a 2.3 decare facility; There are tennis court, sauna, hot tub, two private infinity pools, gym, pilates room and dance studio. You can barbecue on the white sands of Babalua Beach or watch a movie in a private cinema with 8 seats.

2. Kailua – Hawaii

most expensive holiday destinations

Palm trees, foamy free-form pools that swing in the breeze between rock formations and waterfalls are specially designed for your comfort. Whatever you expect for vacation from Kailua Hawaii will do it all.

Hawaii Kailua costs $ 34,900 a week, and the cost of staying here for a week can be down payment when buying a home. Holidaymakers can choose any of 12 private apartments. The private theater hall and restaurant are in the main building. Here you can try deep sea fishing, jet ski, tennis and more activities.

1. Whistler – Canada

Whistler, founded on 7 acres; It has 7 rooms, a private heliport, a heated outdoor swimming pool, a hot tub, a steam room, a billiard room and a home theater. Contemporary chalet where you can go in winter or summer; It has a unique design with a mountain view private stone fireplace, dark parquet floors and stone flooring coffee table.

These are the most luxurious holiday destinations , which seem very expensive, are fascinating with their visuality. The comfort of the guests in these spaces has been thought down to the finest detail. If you have noticed, most of the holiday venues are; It was established next to geographical shapes such as sea and ocean. Places with nature views accompany them. My question to you is whether you prefer the seaside for a holiday or a holiday region with nature view?

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