The world’s most expensive yachts, the $ 4.8 billion History Supreme, tops the list. In each of these superyachts from each other are sometimes dazzling Caribbean, and even sometimes bend in the waters of the Mediterranean and Turkey who are dragging their dreams. eHolidayAdvisor researched world’s most expensive yachts .

World’s Most Expensive And Luxurious Superyachts

10. Al Raya Superyacht – $263 Million

al raya superyacht

Alisher Usmanov, one of the richest businessmen in Russia, with his fortune of $ 13 billion, named his superyacht, whose former name was Dilbar. The superyacht, which descended into the water in 2015, was later put on sale under the name of Him. The name of the superyacht, which was bought by a Middle Eastern businessman in 2018, was changed to Al Raya. The exterior design of Tim Heywood and the interior design of Alberto Pinto is 110 meters in length. It can accommodate 20 passengers and 48 crew members. The super yacht has a helipad, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, spa, sauna, open air bar, massage room and movie theater.

9. Al SAid – $300 Million

al said super yacht

The Sultan of Oman Qaabos Al Said bought the 155-meter Al Said and added a new one to his four superyacht fleet. The production of the superyacht started in Lürssen Shipyard in 2006 and was completed in two years. Standing mostly in the sultan’s own marina in Muscat, Al Said weighs 16,000 tons. Al Said has 50 guests and 154 crew members and has a concert hall large enough for a large classical music orchestra.

8. Dubai – 350 Million

most expensive yachts in the world

Owned by the Emir of Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai is the world’s third largest yacht after Azzam and Eclipse. The 162 meter boat was built in Blohm + Voss Shipyard. The interiors of Dubai are also kept secret. However, the swimming pool covered with mosaic and hand-crafted ceramics used in decoration give clues about the splendor of the interiors. It is claimed that Dubai consumes $ 2,300 per hour of fuel. The captain’s salary is $22,000, the chef’s salary is $ 11,000. The monthly expense of the 50 crew members costs $ 111,000.

7. Motor Yacht A – $400 Million

motor yacht A

The futuristic design Motor Yacht A, owned by Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko, who has reached a fortune of $ 13 billion at the age of 45, has an extremely modern yet interesting design. There are seven cabins in the 119-meter-long superyacht. It can also be used as a sailboat, three yachts 100 meters tall, an elevator between decks, a submarine, two auxiliary boats 11 meters long, three swimming pools, one with a glass floor, and a disco where famous names such as Snoop Dogg and Lenny Kravitz have appeared on the stage. It’s the hall.

6. Luna – $500 Million

most luxurious yacht

Luna was launched in 2010 to provide comfortable access to the world’s toughest seas. Its first owner was Roman Abramovich. The 115-meter-long superyacht was refit six years later, costing 50 million Euros. At the request of the new owner, who did not find its old color attractive enough, the body was painted with a very special color called “Luna blue”. The painting work carried out by 70-80 people took eight months. Focusing mainly on the outdoors, Luna’s back deck features a huge swimming pool, the largest of its time. Luna, whose roof of the main cabin is covered with glass, also includes a lift, spa, helipad, gym and dance floor.

5. A+ Superyacht $527 Million

A+ Mega Yacht

Launched in 2012 under the name Topaz for the Arab owner, the 147-meter superyacht was renamed A + in 2019. The eight-deck super yacht has two helipads, a jacuzzi, a gym and a movie theater for 62 people. Along with 26 guest cabins, it can host a crew of 79 people. Transportation between floors is provided by elevator. The exterior design of A +, whose interiors are designed in the atmosphere of a beach house, belongs to Tim Heywood.

4. Azzam – $600 Million

most expensive yacht in the world

Azzam, launched in 2013 by the Lürssen Shipyard, still maintains its place on the agenda, despite the past six years. Azzam, which preserved the title of the world’s largest boat with a length of 180 meters in 2019, also ranks third in the most expensive ranking. The interiors of Azzam, owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, are hidden as a secret, but whispering to the ears of the imperial style. Azzam, which has reached a speed of 30 knots, which can be considered as a record for such a large body, also has its own special missile defense system against possible attacks. It is also stated that the price of Azzam’s cruising in the seas for one year is 60 million dollars.

3. Streets Of Monaco $1 Billion

most expensive yachts

One of the most expensive yachts in the world . the 500ft-long Streets Of Monaco design is a floating model of the French Principality and features replicas of the state’s famous landmarks. It gets its name because of its appearance on the upper floor and resembling Monaco. Streets of Monaco, one of the most luxurious yachts in the world, has a go-kart track.

2. Eclipse $1.5 Billion

most luxurious yacht

In the past few years, the most talked about Russian businessman Roman Abramovich’s superyacht.  Eclipse holds the title of the largest superyacht in the world after Azzam, 180 meters tall with a height of 163.5 meters. The super yacht with 70 crew members has two swimming pools 16 meters long, several jacuzzis, two helipads, a disco hall and a missile defense system. The glasses of Eclipse, whose body is covered with armor, are also lead-proof. There is also a laser system that prevents paparazzi from taking photos, as well as a missile defense system.

1. History Supreme $4.8 Billion

golden yacht

World’s most expensive yachts History Supreme, whose body was produced as gold plated at the request of the Malaysian owner, where platinum and many jewels were used in its production, managed to achieve the title of the most expensive yacht in the world with its price of 4.8 billion dollars. Moreover, although it is extremely small for a super yacht with a height of 30 meters. In the History Supreme, which was completed by the English designer Hughes Stuart in three years, gold was used everywhere from the interior to the trunk, from the deck to the anchor.

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