World’s Most Expensive Mansions . We have found the 10 most expensive mansions for sale in the world right now. In order to buy the cheapest house on this list , You need to win the lottery 6 times in a row . In order to have the most expensive one, you need to win the  New Year’s Eve Mega jackpot 20 times in a row. Let’s see the world’s most expensive mansions.

World’s Most Expensive Mansions

10. Xanadu 2.0 – Washington – USA

The second richest man in the world Bill Gates mansion is  in the list. The house of 12 thousand square meters has its own dock and beach, even the pool has an underwater private music system.

Xanadu 2.0 Is Only $125 Million

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9. Beverly Mansion / Beverly Hills / USA

Who didn’t stay in this mansion? The Kennedy family, Prince of Monaco, Rihanna and many others … The most iconic house in the city. The 30-bedroom manor awaits its buyer.

This Little Palace Is Only $127 Million

8. Shepard Krech Mansion – Hamptons – USA


most expenisive mansions

It went on sale this month. The mansion is about 2 thousand square meters in size. The 10-bedroom house also has a gorgeous beach and is the favorite of the US society.

This Beautiful Mansion Is Only $140 Million

7. Spelling Manor Mansion – Beverly Hills – USA

most expensive mansions in the world

One of the most expensive mansions in the world . The famous home of Aaron Spelling, one of the most famous television players of all time. The house is about 10 thousand square meters in size.

After three years on the market and a $40Million chop from its original asking, the palatial estate has sold for $120 million.

6. Hearst Mansion – San Simeon – USA

most expensive mansions in the world

This mansion, where Lady Gaga also clips her song G.U.Y, has the largest personal wine cellar in the world.

This Mansion Is Only $195 Million 

5. Palazza Di Amore – Beverly Hills – USA

most expensive mansions in the world

A dance floor, a personal night club, 13 bedrooms, and an excellent view of Los Angeles … The area’s most popular, also one of the most expensive mansions in the world.

This Beautiful Palace Is Only $195 Million

4. The Penthouse – London – UK

A panic room full of bulletproof glasses to high security measures … And of course it has the most beautiful view of London.

This Beautiful Penthouse Is Only £160 Million. 

3. Fairfield -Hamptons – USA

The best in New York! 39 bedrooms, 5 separate pools, private cinema for 164 people and many more … It has not been sold for years.

This Mansion Is Only $198 Million

2. Tour De Odeon – Monaco – France

The most amazing penthouse in the world. A European legend with its pool, unique scenery and crazy parties

This Penthouse Is Only $400 Million


most expensive mansions in the world

Here is the most expensive mansions in the world! It was built in 1902 by the King of Belgium and then sold to private individuals. In 2008, 500 million dollars of buyers came out, but it did not result. Although there are very few photos, the whole bay where it locates belongs to this mansion.

Most Expensive Mansion Is $500 Million

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