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Where billionaires go on vacation? We all have our own holidays. But after seeing the holiday places, you may not think that you are on holiday! The luxury life that billionaires lead is reflected on their holidays, and the opportunities they have are vacationing according to the luxury lives required by the income level. They couldn’t find a place in the most expensive hotel in the world, they buy an island and create their own holidays.

We admire the living conditions of the richest names in the world. Clothing, food, invitations, holidays adorn our dream and we dream of being one day. Although we all dream of having a yacht, island, million dollar boats, luxury mansions, there are billionaires living in this way in the world. Let’s see where billionaires go on vacation:

Where Billionaires Go On Vacation

Richard Branson – Necker Island

where do billionaires go on vacation

Necker Island is for who thinks where billionaires go on vacation . Necker is an island in the British Virgin Islands and Sir Richard Branson owns this island. Branson is the founder of the popular Virgin brand and investment group. On this 74-acre island, the rich can hold wedding and similar events. This island, which is quite friendly to retreat, has a capacity of 28 people.

Laucala Islands

where do billionaires go on holiday

The owner of Laucala Island was once Malcolm Forbes. Malcolm Forbes was known as the publisher and exaggerated spending of the world-famous Forbes Magazine. After Forbes passed away, the new owner of the island was Dietrich Mateschitz, president of the Red Bull Energy beverage company.

The daily cost of vacationing in villas on the island varies between 7 thousand and 36 thousand dollars. There are 25 butler in the villas and there are cars that guests can use throughout the trip. This island has become a place for extremely rich holidaymakers and if desired, the island can be rented completely.

Coco Prive Kuda Hithi

how billionaires travel

One night cost exactly 27 thousand dollars in this private property Maldive Island. Coco Prive Kuda Hithi Island is not just called luxury. It is also called mysterious, inspiring. The island has a capacity of only 12 people and everyone’s room faces the beach.

Super Yacht Nirvana

where do billionaires go on vacation

Where do billionaires go on vacation? On the ultra super yachts as we guessed. This yacht holiday named Nirvana, built by OCEANCO and Sam Sorgiovanni, is the place of billionaires seeking relaxation and privacy. Nirvana, with a capacity of 39 people, is much more suitable for a full team of 27 people.

Irish Countryside

where do billionaires go on vacation

For billionaire filmmaker Steven Spielberg, rural Ireland is the most beautiful resort with its natural beauty. Instead of staying at the Holiday Inn resort to the billionaire Spielberg, he prefers to stay in the quiet and harbor Ballyvaughan villa with David Wythe, a tour guide.

Cottar Farm House

billionaire on safari

Apart from having a private island, billionaires go to 1290 Camp and Cottar Farm House for an elite environment and safari pleasure. The camp and farmhouse can be reached with any of the Kenyan safari tours. During this trip, there are special camping places, The camps consist of large luxury tents that can accommodate groups of up to 12 people. 

David Copperfield – Musha Cay

A 100-acre island, Musha Cay belongs to the world-famous illusionist David Copperfield. This island, with a capacity of 24 people, hosts a few villas. It includes cinema pleasure, a bazaar, believing activities that you will watch in the car. So the illusionist has many tricks like David Copperfield.


Bermuda, frequented by many billionaires, provides a stay away from work stress. Billionaires who want to rent their second home away from the eyes of the people prefer this place. Second homes of billionaires, including Italian ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Ross Perot Sr, are usually located in Bermuda.



where do billionaires go on vacation

Some billionaires want to stay completely away from the city, a peaceful walk. So where billionaires go on vacation ? At this time, some billionaires are going to their second home in the Hamptons seaside resort of Long Island, New York. Southampton Meadow Lane contains dwellings where billionaires live. Property-rich David Koch, procurement specialist Leon Black, Gerald J. Ford and forced billionaire Calvin Klein are among the owners of the property.

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