If you’re researching what to do in Las Vegas, you’re probably planning to go to this city nearby. Then, according to the movies, you should be ready to see some of the famous casinos and eye-catching neon lights that we now know closely, to witness the gambling and nightlife that brought the “city of sins”

The list of things to do in Las Vegas is full of sporting, artistic, cultural and fun activities you can do in this city. You just have to choose according to what you enjoy. However, before moving on to the list of things to do in Las Vegas, I would like to give brief information about accommodation.

 Where to stay in Las Vegas You can find very detailed information and advice on the subject in our article.



What to do in Las Vegas?

1. Take a night walk on the Strip.

We are used to seeing from the Strip Region films stretching from Mandalay Bay in the south to Stratosphere Casino in the north.

You can visit this most important street of the city on foot, or you can visit Deuce Buses running 24/7 or the monorail running between MGM Grand and Sahara Avenua.


2. See the casinos.

Las Vegas Casinos

One suggestion for those who are in the research what to do in Las Vegas is see the casinos

In addition to casinos focused on table games such as The Cromwell, El Cortez, Las Vegas city also has places that we can call “casino and everything else” such as Mirage and Bellagio, which you can hear from movies.

3. Watch the famous light and water show of Bellagio.

Before moving on to lesser known activities in What to Do in Las Vegas, let’s talk about all the famous and well-known. One of them is Bellagio’s light and water show, which can be seen in almost all the movies in Vegas.

4. Take a gondola tour on the Venetian Channels 

Located on the Strip, The Venetian is a very close copy of the Grand Canal in Venice and also organizes gondola tours. Moreover, it is cheaper than Venice.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a bit of Renaissance Italy air with a gondola tour that you can join by paying 30 USD per person and then return to the sparkling world of Las Vegas?

5. Do not return without seeing Paris.

I recommend you to see Paris in the What to Do in Las Vegas article.

Las Vegas Paris, which is also located on the Strip and contains copies of the most important buildings of Paris such as the Triumphal Arch, the Opera House, the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower, can visit Paris for 16 USD during the day and 22 USD at night. what a tour you can do.


6. Discover fun activities on Fremont Street.

Fremont Street, which has dozens of casinos but not as many as on the strip, is also a place to be on the list of people who are looking for what to do in Las Vegas.

7. Visit the world’s most entertaining crime museum.

You can learn about gangsters such as Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, John Gotti and FBI agents such as Eliot Ness and Herry Anslinger, as well as images and videos that have been used for the purpose of committing or preventing crimes in the museum, which sheds light on the city’s distant past full of mafia and organized crime.


8. Visit the Neon Museum.

Las Vegas did not happen in 1 day Las Vegas. The Neon Museum, where you can see the adventure of returning to the city of sins from being the organized crime paradise of the city, also tells the story of this. Of course, with the unique stories and legends of each sign and object.

9. Watch a show or concert at Park Theater.

Music lovers who think about what to do in Las Vegas can write down the Park Theater name. Park Theater, where names such as Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson have been the world star in the past or now, takes place in Park MGM.

10. Watch Las Vegas from the High Roller Ferris wheel.

High Roller, which is also 170 meters high from the London Eye and Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel, offers a great opportunity to watch the famous Strip above.

High Roller Ticket : During busy periods, there may be long queues at the High Roller entrance. You can watch the city from High Roller at any time between 11:30 and 23:30, without waiting in line, for the ticket you can pass. The score of more than 200 users who bought the ticket is 4.4. Click to review the tour and register.


12. Fly over Las Vegas by helicopter.

Even with helicopter tours, you can tour Grand Canyon or Red Rock National Park if you prefer not only Strip but also different routes. Maybe a little salty, but it will be an experience that you will not forget for years.

Helicopter Tour on the Strip: The cost of a 15-minute helicopter tour at night when the Strip looks the best is 89 USD, including champagne. The score of more than 400 people who have done the tour is 4.6. Click to review the tour and register.


13. Discover Las Vegas from the balloon.

My last cruise suggestion in What to Do in Las Vegas is for those who want to find the helicopter tour a little faster and spend more time in the sky. For this, a balloon tour that takes 1-1.5 hours is ideal.

Balloon Tour over Las Vegas: The price of the tour, which you can visit the city for 1 hour and watch the city, is 188 USD. The score of those who made the tour including pick-up and drop-off and champagne offer from the hotel is the 5th round to review and register.


14. See the Red Canyon National Park.

Red Rock Canyon is one of the hardest places to see elsewhere with its giant cliffs, the vast desert of every tone of yellow, orange and red.

15. See the famous Grand Canyon.

My last suggestion in What to Do in Las Vegas is another canyon, but this is much more famous.

Grand Canyon, which is located approximately 4 hours from the city, has a geographical structure that takes its mind with its deep valleys, cliffs rising around the valleys and its orange-colored color. So it’s a place where you can regret if you don’t see it while you’re there.




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