Having been in the Spanish colony for many years, Cuba Trinidad still carries the traces of this civilization. Although it is not a big town, the town of Trinidad, where you can visit with pleasure in a short time, is waiting for you with very beautiful places to visit. Let’s see where is Trinidad, where to visit and all the details with acid information.

Trinidad is one of the most beautiful sightseeing places in Cuba. With its very old buildings and different sightseeing points, the places to visit in Trinidad stand out. Do not forget to stop by Trinidad on a trip to Cuba. So where is Trinidad? Located on the territory of Cuba, Trinidad is a tiny town that has existed for centuries.

Where is Trinidad?

Trinidad is a town of Sancti Spiritus, one of the provinces of Cuba. The town, which was under Spanish colony at the time of its discovery, largely carries Spanish culture.

This beautiful charming town, which has been on UNESCO’s list of conservation since 1988, together with Valle de los Ingenios around it. It is a town that has preserved its history very well. It was as if time was frozen here in 1850. In this town, which is the address of sugar cane production, there are buildings built by rich colonists.

Places To Visit in Trinidad Cuba

Trinidad is like a town traveling in time. These houses are proof of that. The houses located here have a very different architecture and are the work of people who have Spanish culture long ago. Today, the state has given these houses to people from the public and these houses are forbidden to sell, so these houses are not demolished, renovated and sold. The paints of the houses that are forbidden to sell are also colorful in accordance with the culture.

There is also a story of stone streets. With the Spanish explorer discovering this place, the Spanish people were settled here. The sugar cane rich also took the sugar cane grown here to Spain by ship. These ships filled it with stones so that it would not fall over when coming. When these stones reached Trinidad, they were paved on the roads. Today, it is a detail that attracts the attention of tourists visiting stone streets.

Museo Romantico – Trinidad Cuba

This house, which had a merchant of its time, was called the Romantic Museum. A building that reflects the history best and has a magnificence. Besides being yellow, it also has a different architect. The name of the building, which has a rich merchant, attracts everyone’s attention. There is a museum that reflects the entire culture of the time.

Bell Tower – Trinidad Cuba

This is the highest point in the city. You can see the whole town from here. Green, blue and colorful houses look very good from here. You can see the tiny colored houses and the Triniti Church from the Bell Tower, which you can go through the stone streets. You can take many beautiful pictures in the tower, which has a very beautiful view.

Cuba Trinidad Museum

This is just one of the best reflecting and living buildings in the city. It is known as the Municipal History Museum. The museum, built in the villa of an old sugarcane merchant. It was built between 1827-1830. It has all the architectural features of its period. It is a place worth seeing with its colorful walls and stone floor.

Church Of Holly Trinity

Many cards about Trinidad have this image on the post. The building is one of the symbols of the city. Since the church was destroyed in 1892 by a storm, the church built here fascinates everyone.

Trinidad Architectural Museum

This museum is another point of the city to visit. A structure worth exploring. This fascinating historical building reflects the aristocratic home architecture of the 18th and 19th century very well. It is a museum opened to tourists today by combining two separate buildings built in 1738 and 1785 in 1813.

Plaza Mayor – Trinidad Cuba

This is the most beautiful corner of Trinidad. The most central point of this square is the town. The most beautiful historical buildings to see are also located around this square. While exploring the city on foot, we recommend you to explore the environment starting from here.

When to Visit Trinidad Cuba ?

Cuba is a country located in the tropical climate zone. Trinidad is also a town affected by this climate feature. The temperatures vary depending on the breeze in the Caribbean Sea. Since it is a dry season between November and April, it is a suitable place to visit during these months. The temperature does not change much throughout the year. However, it will be better to travel between these months for pleasant travel in a beautiful period without precipitation.








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