Everyone is curious about what will happen in the future, and How will we travel in the future?  if anything is raised about the future, everyone is curious. Many researchers and company owners have suggested that after their studies, the holidays will be soon to be seen. eHolidayAdvisorhas listed 10 way How will we travel in the future ?

10. Floating Garden For Travel In The Future

It is a floating garden designed to cleanse rivers and provide everyone with excellent quality fresh water. The ship is equipped with a biological filter and uses its gardens to clean the water. In addition, this perfect island with fresh air and lots of green can be a good alternative for a great holiday destination for future.

9. Floating City

future travel destinations

How about a huge floating city? This Atlantis II project is similar to the original compared to Central Park in New York City. This idea really surprised us with its scope. What do you think a holiday here ?

8. Floating Monaco Streets

floating monaco street super yacht

This beautiful super yacht is only  $1.2Billion. Monaco Streets super yacht is designed for those who love Monaco very much. This luxury yacht has a luxury Paris Hotel, a Monte Carlo Casino, a restaurant Café de Paris and a go-cart track that resembles the Grand Prix route in Monaco and, of course, a city structure similar to the unique view of Monaco. 

7. Floating Tropic Island

travel destinations in the future

Designed by a London yacht firm, this artificial floating island has a waterfall, transparent bottom, and even a real floating tropical island with a small lit mountain swimming pool. This yacht designed in 2011 but yacht does not have a price tag yet. Most probably it will be used as future travel destinations

6. Luxury Flying Ship

future travel destinations

This ship, which look likes  Star Wars ships, was made by designer Mac Byers for people to travel comfortably in future . Also interior  is designed in a very futuristic style, has a lot of space, bright colors and impressive views. Wouldn’t you want to travel on this ship? 

5. Zaha Hadid’s Super Yacht Design For Travel In The Future

The British architect designed the first yacht – Se had previously designed a small speed boat. A super yacht. In fact, She  designed a six-member yacht family. The name of the family, consisting of a 128-meter main ship and 5 yachts of 90 meters to be shaped by its design details, is Unique Circle Yacht is  planing to travel in the future.

4. Bumerang

Boomerang is an almost real island. It has its own energy source. Boumerang, a lively port, is both a port and an entertainment center.

3. Flying Gardens

travel in the future

Most of us dream of a clean and healthy planet, and the idea of ​​these flying gardens proves it. Aerostat and garden are keywords of this project by Vincent Callebaut. These gardens, which will be the biggest investment of the future, will be a mixture of skyscrapers, airships and hanging gardens to clean the air.

2. Floating  City

travel in the future

Lilypad, a floating city project of Vincent Callebaut, is a city planned to be built with the rise of ocean levels. This perfect city can accommodate 50,000 people and works with renewable energy sources (wind, sunlight, tidal forces, and other alternative energy sources) and even collects rainwater.

1 An Amazing Holiday Plane

travel in the future

This huge aircraft designed by Eric Almas is ecologically friendly and very quiet. It also allows people to sunbathe and swim by taking advantage of sunlight thanks to its transparent ceiling. A perfect place for both travel and vacation in the future.

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