Three people who fell on the uninhabited island survived with the SOS message

The group stranded on the island of Pikelot in Micronesia, consisting of hundreds of islands in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, was rescued by the Australian and US military.

The group, which sailed into the ocean on a 7-meter boat from the Pulawat atoll on June 30, was planning to go to the Pulap atoll, 43 kilometers away.

But the crew that got off course and ran out of fuel was stranded on the uninhabited island of Pikelot, located 190 kilometers from their final destination.

sos message

The crew who wrote S.O.S, which means a call for help in Morse alphabet, was first noticed by a tanker belonging to the US army.

Afterwards, search and rescue teams in the autonomous region of Guam, the USA, asked Australia for help to deliver aid to the group.

Three survivors were rescued from the island by a patrol boat after an Australian army helicopter delivered food and water aid to the islanders.

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