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Things to do in Florence? Florence, one of the most important cities of Italy and the capitals of the Renaissance, is a unique tourist attraction with its historical buildings, museums, squares and bridges.

There are dozens of activities to do besides the places to see in the city. In the Things To Do In Florence article, I would like to talk about what you can do in the city in a few sentences, and enjoyable activity options.

Things To Do In Florence

1. See cathedrals, churches and chapels

things to do in florence

With its breathtaking frescoes in the Basilica of Santa Trinita, the Sassetti Chapel, Brunelleschi’s red dome in the Duomo, thousands of artworks in the Basilica of Santa Croce, and works by Giotto’s frescoes and Lorenzo Ghiberti in the Baptistery. You should definitely see the fascinating murals with.

2. Visit the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

You can keep up with the spirit of the city by spending a few hours in the squares of Florence, having a meal in a restaurant or watching the atmosphere, the artists who paint from time to time, and the fascinating historical buildings, accompanied by your choice of coffee or wine in a cafe.

3. Get to know Dante closely.

While thinking about what things to do in Florence,we should not forget Dante, one of the important philosophers of the city. The Florentine famous thinker and writer Dante is one of the names that make its mark on the city, so Florence is one of the tours you can enjoy when you visit the city in the footsteps of Dante. If I said tour, you don’t need to buy any tour from an agency.

4. Visit The Uffizi Gallery &  Gallerie dell’Accademia.

things to do in florence

Florence can be a place worth seeing in many ways, such as gourmet delicacies, historical buildings, fashion center. But above all, it has a quality that can be regarded as an art capital not only in Italy but all over the world. 

The museums in the city  reflect the artistic and aesthetic richness of Florence. Therefore, while thinking about things to do in Florence, do not forget to visit the most important museums in the city.

5. Go up to the dome and bell tower of the Duomo.

things to do in florence

The more detailed and magnificent the exterior of the Duomo, the simpler the interior. However, its dome is a completely different adventure. The dome of the Duomo, which is reached with 476 steps, has a fascinating city view, and the frescoes of Giorgio Vasari, which you will see while leaving, are a separate visual feast.

6. Visit The Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens, which once belonged to Medici, one of the city’s famous riches, are now offered to the public and tourists. Apart from the peaceful atmosphere of the lush garden, the classical and Renaissance sculptures found here are another worth seeing option.

7. Walk around the alleys of Santa Croce.

things to do in florence

Actually, Santa Croce, which is a very short walk from the historical city center, is very different in terms of atmosphere as it is an area preferred by the Florentine people to stay more.

8. Visit The Villa Bardini

The villa has two art galleries and the surrounding garden promises a quiet and peaceful few hours. See Brunelleschi’s Duomo dome, Michelangelo Square and Vecchio Palace from the Belvedere Terrace in Villa Bardini.

9. Vasari Corridor


I recommend those who think about what to do in Florence to explore the city on a bicycle. Vasari Corridor, built in the 16th century for Duke Cosimo, next to the Vecchio Bridge, is actually a one kilometer-long passage.


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