safari types

Safari types :Whether those who go to safari are in comfortable buildings or in primitive tents, if they want to see the animals they have long distances for, they should go out and seek their luck. There are several alternatives for safari participants to observe the wild animals they are looking for:

1. Walking Safari Type

walking safari

It is possible to experience the wildlife by taking short walks with an experienced guide while standing on the road between the campsites by vehicle or boat. Ideal for those who want to experience wildlife rather than observe it. Because breathing the same air with the wild animals you observe and being on the same soil is a much deeper wildlife experience than observing them from inside a cage or from a vehicle.

2. Mobile Guided Safari Type

mobile guided safari

In mobile guided safari, 4 × 4 vehicles are generally used. At the same time, the driver, whose guide is the guide, can take safari participants directly to the middle of the wildlife in the African savannahs, which are full of plains. Mobile safari can be reached by vehicles such as minibuses, vans and buses. Its most important advantage is that it allows you to see predators such as lions and leopards very closely.

3. Fly-in Safari Types

fly-in safari

Fly-in Safari .By using small aircraft in safari by plane, a much larger area can be scanned than the area that can be seen by the vehicle quickly. The most important advantage is that the opportunity to see wild animals is very high, and at the same time, it is able to show the unique African landscape from the air. The high cost and the fact that animals can only be seen from a distance are important cons of this safari types.

4. Canoe Safari Types

canoe safari

Canoe Safari is usually carried out among the camp sites on the banks of Zambezi and other rivers. You can stop between the camps and walk in the forests.

5. Self Drive Safari

self drive safari

Self drive safari is for those who have been to Africa before, gained experience and dominate the geography can go on safari on their own by taking their maps and renting a car. Although it offers farmers more freedom, it also brings with it various risks such as loss.

6. Migration Safari Types

migration safari

 Migration safari types: Many animal species living in Africa migrate to long distances every year. Safaris are organized to observe these migrations. It is a challenging and tiring safari type that takes a long time and requires long distances to be covered. However, such a safari also offers those who have enough time and determination to witness so many unique sights and moments that they cannot see in other safari alternatives. 

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