places to visit in washington

Washington DC is a very beautiful city in terms of places to visit.  The city has historical administrative buildings museums and monuments of cultural value. Most of Washington DC’s tourist attractions are located in around the National Mall. Therefore, you can easily reach places to visit by metro or bus services. If the city’s museums and monuments are not closed for security reasons, they are open and free of charge every day of the year.

Washington DC is a very rich city in terms of places to visit. Today I will share 15 places to visit in Washington DC.

1. The White House

places to visit in Washington DC

I think the White House is the most important place to visit in Washington DC. You can visit the White House during certain periods of the year by having a reservation for 6 months in advance. The days of the visit vary according to the programs in the white house.

I Suggest you to join a walking tour through Washington DC’s most popular sites will introduce you to the wars and presidents that have helped shape the United States. Explore the city at night when the monuments are illuminated to perfection.

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2. United States Capitol

The building is located in Capitol Hill . If You want to visit the United States Capitol ,It is necessary to make a reservation from the official website to visit the building where the first congress session was held in the northern wing, which was completed in 1800.

3. National Mall and Memorial Park

There are many beautiful places such as the congress building, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln and the Washington Monument.  With the transition to the management of the National Park Services in 1965, the park has gained a multi-purpose structure where you can take walks and participate in sports activities with its quiet and peaceful environment.

4. Washington Monument

washington monument
The construction of the monument started in 1848. The construction of the building was completed in 1885. The building, which is slightly above 169 meters in length. Monument contains an Ottoman inscription, which is gifted by the Ottoman Empire.
The Washington Monument was temporarily closed for maintenance work. The Mounment was designed by architect Robert Mills in the early 1840s.

5. Lincoln Memorial

lincoln memorial

The Lincoln Memorial  was dedicated to Abraham Lincoln , the 16th President of America . The most important element of the monument is the 5.80 m high sculpture design of Daniel Chester French .

6. Jefferson Memorial

places to visit in washington

Jefferson Memorial  is another important building within the National Mall. Memorial was built in memory of the founder and president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. 

The construction of the neo-classical style monument began in 1939 and was completed in 1943. The bronze statue of Jefferson was  designed by architect John Russell Pope . Statue was added to the building  in 1947.

7.National Air and Space Museum

places to visit in washington DC

 I have added the National Air and Space Museum to our list of places to visit in Washington DC For the aviation and space fans.

The Museum was founded in 1946 and It has started to accept visitors since 1976 . The most important feature of the museum is almost all the aircrafts are original.

8. Washington National Cathedral

washington national cathedral

The construction of the neo-gothic Washington National Cathedral is one of the 10 largest cathedrals in the world. Construction began in 1907 and its took 83 years to complete.The cathedral  was opened for use during the construction process. It is located within a 59-acre medieval garden.  

9. Georgetown


Georgetown is on the banks of the Potomac River . Region is populated with a young people due to the Georgetown University. In the district where there are many cafes and restaurants famous for their classic menus consisting of sweet potatoes and hamburgers . Also the city is famous with authentic one storey  buildings.

10. Smithsonian Institution

places to visit in Washington DC

 Smithsonian institute was built between 1849-1855. The building is located next to the National Mall and it is also called a chateau because of the Norman style architecture. You can join the tours where you can learn about the history of the institute at the Smithsonian Building, which you can visit between 8.30-17.30, free of charge.

11 World War II National Monument

places to visit in Washington DC

History lovers who are curious about World War II should add to the list of places to visit in Washington DC.  The National World War II Memorial was opened in 2004 in memory of the soldiers who participated in the war.

The Building consists of 56 granite columns, each 5.2 meters high, placed around a fountain pool representing the U.S. states, federal districts, and the Columbia District.

12. National Museum of American History

places to visit in washington

The National Museum of American History  is part of the Smithsonian Institute. It is located on 14th Street in the National Mall District. The facility was first established in 1964 under the name of the Museum of History and Technology to convey detailed information about the richness of American history to local and foreign tourists.

13. National Zoological Park

places to visit in washington

The zoo in the National Zoological Park Rock Creek Park, located in the northwest of the city, was established in 1889 to raise awareness in the fields of animal care, science and education. The park is the best place to visit for especially families and animal lovers.

14. National Museum of Natural History

places to visit in washington DC

The American Museum of Natural History was opened in 1910. More than 126 million examples of natural sciences and cultural artifacts are on display in the natural history museum. You can get detailed information about its exhibitions and building with its mobile application.

15. United States Botanic Garden

United States Botanic Garden

Last places to visit in Washington Dc is Botanic garden .

The facility is the oldest botanical garden in America . It is located within the area of ​​the congress building.  Building Established in 1820. It is possible to see the vast majority of plant and tree species existing in the world in the garden.





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