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Salzburg is one of the richest places in Europe in terms of places to visit. Salzburg Castle, Mirabell Palace, Mozarts Geburtshaus, Cathedral, Hellbrunn Palace and Getreidegasse Street are among the top places on our list of places to visit in Salzburg.

The city of Mozart reflects the medieval atmosphere to its guests completely, thanks to its richness in the list of places to visit in Salzburg.

Places To Visit In Salzburg

1 Hohensalzburg

places to visit in salzburg

Travelers write the historical building at the top of the list of places to visit in Salzburg to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city and take lots of photos. When you visit the castle, you can also have the opportunity to visit museums focused on different categories.

2. Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Marble Hall stands out as the most attractive part of the palace. In the hall, which can be reached via the Angel Ladder, Leopold Mozart and his children Wolfgang and Nannerl once exhibited breathtaking performances.

3. Mozarts Geburtshaus

Tourist travels to Salzburg eventually connect to Mozart. In fact, seeing the name of the world-famous music person on the products sold in countless venues and stores in the city becomes a situation that is not accused of time.

4. Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg is famous for its beauty with its religious structures as well as its palaces full of architecturally admirable details. Of course, when talking about this issue, the first place that experienced travelers come to mind in the city is Salzburg Cathedral.

5. Hellbrunn Palace

The historical building, whose design was undertaken by Santino Solari, impresses with its Late Renaissance style architecture. Apart from its architectural details, the main reason why travelers include the building in the list of places to visit in Salzburg is the various works in the garden.

6. Getreidegasse Street


places to visit in salzburg

The street, in which the house where Mozart was born, is shown as the most active point of the Old City. In addition to various shopping opportunities on the street decorated with guild signs with different designs, many buildings and art galleries with traces of traditional architecture are waiting for you.

7. St Peter’s Abbey

The continuation of the monastery fraternity is still an important factor in increasing the interest in the building. The fact that the church and monastery sections have been restored in various periods due to fires add architectural diversity to the religious building complex.

8. Residenzplatz

The marble fountain called Residenzbrunnen makes the square quite interesting from a touristic point of view. The fountain, which is considered as one of the most spectacular Baroque monuments in Europe today, was built in line with the order of Archbishop Guidobald Thun, who is known for his fondness for such works.

9. Mozartplatz

Mozartplatz, located in the heart of the historical city center of Salzburg, impresses its guests with its historical texture. The area, which adorns the area between Residenz and Waag squares, is considered the ideal starting point for city tours.

10. Hangar 7

places to visit in salzburg

Hangar 7, where all kinds of technology and art are displayed together, is perhaps the most extraordinary place you can add to your list of places to visit in Salzburg.

In Hangar 7, operating at Salzburg Airport, artists and visitors can easily come together. In this way, the cultural facility turns into a temple where artists and individuals who are interested in their work can exchange ideas and be inspired.

11. Salzburg Museum

I recommend you to focus on 4 sections when you visit the Salzburg Museum. “Mythos Salzburg”, which is one of these sections, focuses on the cultural, artistic and historical development of the city.

12. Mozart Wohnhaus

Also known as the “House of the Dance Master”, Mozart Wohnhaus is another place where you can learn valuable information about the world famous composer.

13. Kapitelplatz

places to visit in salzburg

Kapitelplatz, cathedral from the east, and the Archdiocese Palace from the west It is surrounded by the wing of the St. Peter Monastery. A fountain with striking beauty decorates the middle of the square, which is colored thanks to the areas reserved for individuals who want to play chess.

14. Residenzgalerie

places to visit in salzburg

The last place I would recommend adding to your list of places to visit in Salzburg is Residenzgalerie, which you can visit by participating in DomQuartier tours.

The museum was established in 1923 to perform various functions immediately after the end of the monarchy. The most important of these functions is the collection of works of art that are worth replacing the art collection of prince-archbishoes that disappeared during the Napoleonic wars.

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