Miami is the richest city in Florida in terms of places to visit. Miami Beach & South Beach, Ocean Drive, Everglades National Park, Little Havana and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are among the top places to visit in Miami.

Places to visit in Miami? Miami, the port city in the southeast of Florida State, is the center of attention for travelers from all over the world.

Miami owes this fame largely to its natural beauty. The City is beautiful with long beaches and entertainment opportunities. However, The city also contains significant cultural and historical accumulation.

Places To Visit In Miami

1. Miami Beach & South Beach

places to visit in miami

I think it would be right to start preparing a list of places to visit in Miami with two of the region’s most popular tourist attractions. Although both settlements differ slightly from each other but they are basically similar.

2. Ocean Drive

places to visit in miami

If you are after the lively atmosphere, you can go to the sections of the beach between the 5th and 15th streets. You can use the walking path between the street and the beach to take pictures and make observations.

3. Everglades National Park

places to visit in miami

You can spend very enjoyable hours by participating in many activities in Everglades National Park. When you come to the park, you can first visit the visitor center and get detailed information about the region.

Discover the unique ecosystem of the Everglades National Park on this 3-hour morning or afternoon tour from Miami Beach. Admire the wildlife on an airboat ride followed by a wildlife show.

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4. Little Havana

places to visit in miami

If you have not had the opportunity to go to Cuba until now, do not worry. Because you can visit Little Havana on your Miami trip and experience a small copy of the atmosphere of the exotic country.

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5. Vizcaya Museum And Gardens

places to visit in miami

Due to its architectural features and magnificent gardens, the lower floor of the Vizcaya Museum, which you can include in your list of places to visit in Miami. Place is used for the display of various contemporary art collections today.

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6. Art Deco District

places to visit in miami

There are 960 buildings in the region that are included in the National Historical Buildings Registry list. These structures with different designs; It was designed by famous architects such as Albert Anis, Murray Dixon, Charles Greco.

7. Bayside Market Places

places to visit in miami

Its fun atmosphere stands out as the most important feature that distinguishes Bayside Marketplace from its peers. You can listen to the live performances of local musicians while eating or shopping on site, or take a boat ride if you have time.

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8. Wynwood Walls

During this event called Wynwood Art Walk, art galleries that host are organizing special exhibitions. Throughout the event, concerts are also held and thematic markets are established.

9. Miami Seaaquarium

If you are on holiday with your family or are interested in underwater life, you can add this unique facility to your list of places to visit in Miami.

In the training programs of Miami Marine Aquarium, which is open to visitors 365 days a year, underwater life is told to children. In the facility, which has been heavily damaged by hurricanes since the day it was opened, adult visitors can participate in dozens of activities, primarily diving in main tanks and swimming with dolphins.

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10. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

places to visit in miami

The facility, located approximately 10 kilometers south of Coral Gables, has been carrying out its education, research, protection and discovery functions without interruption since its first day within its 83-acre area.

When you want to spend a quiet and peaceful day during your Miami vacation, you can turn your route to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

11. Bayfront Park

If you are looking for a place where you can rest and participate in cultural activities during your trip to Miami, you can visit Bayfront.

There are two different scenes in Bayfront Park where live music performances are exhibited. Trapeze and yoga training is given around the JFK Friendship Torch, which adorns the northern part of the park.

12. Miami Children’s Museum

miami children's musum

At the Miami Children’s Museum, children have the opportunity to imitate the daily activities of adults. Children can play many roles here, from withdrawing money from the bank to food shopping, pet care, local police or firefighters.

13. Miami Zoo

things to do in miami

During your visit to Miami Zoo, you can have pleasant hours by watching various shows and participating in tours. Obviously, considering the area it covers, walking the facility on foot causes both a lot of time and energy loss. For this reason, you can do the same as me and take the safari train. 

14. Coral Gables

places to visit in miami

Coral Gables  was founded in the early 20th century and inspired by the Beautiful City Movement. Due to its dynamic daily life, extraordinary architecture and peaceful atmosphere,  which I would strongly recommend you to add to your list of places to visit.

15. Freedom Tower

places to visit in miami

Freedom Tower  was built in 1925 on the campus of Miami-Dade University .The Tower used to be the most important part of Miami city skyline . During your visit , you can examine the works of valuable artists, including names such as Picasso, Matisse and Chagall.

16. Jungle Island

places to visit in miami

The ecological adventure park, formerly named Parrot Jungle, with an area of ​​18 decares was established in 1936. For this reason, the entertainment-oriented facility is considered among the oldest attractions of Miami. More than 3 thousand animals, thousands of which are various parrot species, and activities where adrenaline does not fall for a moment, are waiting for you.

17. American Airlines Arena

american airlines arena

American Airlines Arena opened in 1999. Located in the city center, the facility for sports and entertainment has a seating capacity of 19,600.  It is the arena where Miami Heat plays home matches .

18. Key West

key west

I have reserved Key West the last place in the list of places to visit in Miami .The main attraction on the island, which is connected to Key West with a 200-km bridge chain to the mainland, is the architecturally interesting Old City and Casa Marina, named after a hotel opened in 1921. 

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