places to visit in kyrenia

Places to visit in Kyrenia . One of the most beautiful places in Cyprus is Kyrenia. Kyrenia is a completely different place, a magical world with its places to see , its historical structures and natural beauties. Today eHolidayAdvisor compiled best places to visit in Kyrenia.

Places To Visit In Kyrenia

Bellapais Monastery

bellapais abbey

First place that you need add your list of places to visit in Kyrenia . which has a gothic architecture, meaning ‘Peace Monastery’, started to be built in 1158. The monastery, which contains the traces of wartime bullets in the concert hall, continues to show its beauty with its almost injured soul. If you want to see the northern coast view and save it to your memory, Bellapais Monastery will be waiting for you with its magnificent stance.

St. Hilarion Castle

saint hilarion castle

St. Hilarion, one of the three magnificent castles located on the Five Fingers, represents the most elegant among them. You can create your own photo archive from the point where you own the frames you see in Girne images. Let us not mention that all three castles were built during the Lusignans, so you will find many more enormous structures in this area to stay from the Lusignan time.

Shipwreck Museum

shipwreck kyrenia

The museum, where the merchant ship found by fishermen off the coast of Kyrenia, is exhibited inside the Kyrenia Castle. The ship, which was restored after being removed and exhibited for the guests to see, was discovered by the University of Pennsylvania.

Buffavento Castle

buffavento castle places to visit in Kyrenia

Bufavento Castle, another of the 3 castles built by the Lusignans we just mentioned, is located at the foot of the Kyrenia mountain. It will be very difficult to reach the castle, but you will not forget the pleasure of being close enough to touch it when there are clouds in the sky.

Kyrenia Harbour

places to viisit in kyrenia harbour

Kyrenia Harbour is among the most active places of the city, especially from the evening hours. There are many restaurants and cafes serving along the coastal road in the port. You can have your dinner at one of these restaurants at sunset and then enjoy the evenings of Kyrenia. Our advice on this matter is; is to try seafood consisting of the most delicious fish of the Mediterranean with your rakı in one of the fish restaurants in the port.

English Town

A village floating in the north west of Kyrenia, on the slope of the mountain, directly across the Mediterranean. It has a wonderful view and a wonderful nature that you must add this town in the list places to visit in Kyrenia . Rows of garden houses in narrow streets and colorful flowers that mix from the gardens.

Mavi Kosk ( Blue Mansion )

blue mansion kyrenia

Most beautiful places to visit in Kyrenia is Blue Mansion.

The Blue Pavilion in Kyrenia is unlike any ordinary mansion. The legendary story that sets it apart from other mansions. 

The owner of the mansion is Paulo Paolides. He is an Italian origin Greek. He was born in Cyprus and worked as a lawyer here. Of course, this is visible from the outside. In fact, he is a weapon smuggler who is a mafia lawyer.

One of the most interesting details about the mansion is that it is not visible from anywhere. Paolides has built himself an invisible fortress to comfortably trade weapons.


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