Barcelona is one of the richest cities in Spain in terms of places to visit. Sagrada Familia Basilica, Park Güell, Casa Mila, La Rambla Street and Camp Nou are among the top places to visit in Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in terms of places to visit. This touristic city of Spain hosts millions of travelers every year.

Places To Visit In Barcelona

1. Sagrada Familia

places to visit in barcelona

Sagrada Familia Basilica, one of the symbols of Barcelona, ​​is shown as the greatest work of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, who contributed to the popularity of the city.

Although the basilica is left unfinished after the death of the great master, today Barcelona is considered as one of the structures that must be included in the list of places to visit in Barcelona.

2. Park Güell

places to visit in barcelona

Sala Hospitala, which offers fairy-tale pavilions, Gothic arches and exquisite sea views to its guests, is shown as the most remarkable parts of the park where you can see different architectural styles together.

3. Casa Mila

On the front facade of the building, which was subjected to heavy criticism after its completion and named as La Pedrera, which means the quarry of the local people in our language, Gaudi wanted to reflect the image of a wavy sea and the moss released in it.

4. La Rambla Street

There are many shops and souvenir shops where you can shop on the street full of cafes and restaurants where you can eat and have rest.

5. Camp Nou

Another iconic place you can add to your list of places to visit in Barcelona is the magnificent Camp Nou Stadium and Barcelona FC Museum, where local footballers play the matches of the Barcelona Football Club, which is known as the unofficial national team of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia.

6. Casa Batllo

The hall on the first floor of the building, which is believed to be inspired by Gaudi’s “Water Lilies” created by Monet, fascinates its guests with its city view. 

The building, which is now operated as a museum by a private company, gained its unusual appearance in 1904 as a result of the renovation work carried out on the exterior and interior of the old residence.

7. Mercat de La Boqueria

places to visit in barcelona

Mercat de La Boqueria, one of the most interesting places on La Rambla, is a big market where fresh vegetables and fruits grown around the city, farm products, meat and fish varieties are sold.

If you prefer the places here when you are hungry, you can find the opportunity to try many flavors unique to Catalan cuisine.

8. Picasso Museum


In the facility, where Picasso spent a period of his life and was used as a mansion in the Middle Ages, operating in the Palacio de Berenguer d’Aguliar, the first period works are exhibited rather than the artist’s well-known works.

9. Barri Gotic

places to visit in barcelona

If you are interested in the history of Barcelona, ​​you can add the Barri Gotic list of places to visit in Barcelona

B.C. City History and Frederic Mare Sculpture museums operate in the settlement area, which was founded as a small village by Hamilcar Barca, the father of Hannibal in the 3rd century, and was converted into a castle after it passed into the hands of Rome.

10. Poble Espanyol

places to visit in barcelona

Poble Espanyol, which is my personal favorite among the places to visit in Barcelona, ​​is located on Montjuic Hill. Operating as an open-air museum, the village was designed for EXPO 1929 by Catalan Architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

11. Tibidabo

places to visit in Barcelona

Apart from the church, on the hill, which offers its guests impressive city views, the Parc d’Atraccions del Tibidabo, which was opened in 1908 with the 288 meter long communication tower where you can go to the top with an elevator. Parc d’Atraccions del Tibidabo, which is the only amusement park with old-fashioned toys, is located in the city.

12. Montjuic

places to visit in barcelona

The castle, which has witnessed many important events in the past, and the Olympic village, is one of the places you can visit on the hill that takes its name from the old Jewish Cemetery.

13. Barceloneta

places to visit in barcelona

While walking in Passeig Maritim, which is home to the 2 most crowded beaches of the city, you can see iconic places such as Lobster Monument, Head of Barcelona, ​​Mare Nostrum Building, and if you go to the end of the cord length, you can visit the History Museum of Catalonia.

14. Plaça de Catalunya

Another thing that makes the square, which connects important streets like Passeig de Gracia, Rambla de Catalunya, La Rambla, Portal de l’Angel, Ronda de Sant Pere, apart from its mobility, is the shopping opportunities around it.

15. Barcelona Cathedral

places to visit in barcelona

You can see that the styles that belong to the Medieval and Renaissance periods have been blended especially in the interior of the cathedral, which is travelers included in the lists of places to visit in Barcelona due to the magnificence of its Gothic architecture.

16. National Art Museum of Catalonia

places to visit in barcelona

Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque artifacts brought from different parts of Spain are exhibited in the museum where you can find the opportunity to examine the entire Romanesque art collection collected from churches in North Catalonia.

17. Parc de La Ciutadella



When you go to the park, you can visit the Font Monumental and the Natural History and Geology museums that Gaudi, who produced many works for the city, contributed while he was a student. Then you can head to the Triumphal Arch at the exit of Passeig Lluis Company Avenue.

18. Santa Maria del Mar

places to visit in barcelona

Santa Maria del Mar Basilica, which is shown as one of the most successful examples among Gothic churches due to its architectural harmony, was built between 1329-1384 with the support of the inhabitants of La Ribera.

19. Magic Fountain of Montjuic

Through the fountain, which was completed 1 year before the fair under the leadership of Designer Carles Buigas and as a result of the intense work of 3 thousand workers, the guests have the privilege of watching a water acrobatics supported by light games accompanied by 30 musical works.


At the bottom of your list of places to visit in Barcelona, ​​you can include Fundacio Juan Miro, one of the most remarkable art galleries in the city.

The museum, founded in 1975, displays paintings, drawings and sculptures created by the famous Catalan artist throughout his life.

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