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Nudist beach or beaches where swimming wear is optional, free beaches, nudists beach or naturalists beach…

These places where you can get rid of your swimsuit, shorts or bikini and enjoy the sun, sand, and dive into your water with only your most natural clothing (skin) . Unfortunately there are not so many around the world because they are not for everyone, especially shy people . Let’s see best nudist beaches in the world.

10. Red Beach Crete – Greece

nudist beach

The 300 meter Red Beach with its clean water and red sand is 20 minutes away from Matala. Moreover, there are caves and ancient ruins on the beach. The venue became popular in the 1960s thanks to hippies, still one of the most famous nudist beaches in the world.

9. Hidden Beach Resort – Riviera Maya – Mexico

Apart from swimming and sunbathing, it is also possible to eat, drink and relax in the holiday village consisting of 45 seaside suites. It is completely designed for nudists, so guests under 18 are not accepted here. Although nudity is free, customers need to carry a towel to put under when they sit.

8. Little Beach – Maui – Hawaii

nudist beaches

With a white beach and turquoise sea next to Big Beach in Maui, Little Beach is not actually a nudist beach but many tourists can experience their nudity freely here.

7. Massarandupió Beach – Brazil

Though Brazil’s most famous nudist beach is Praia do Pinho, our recommendation is Massarandupió. The 2-kilometer nudist beach reserved for nudists only on a 12-kilometer beach awaits those who want to enjoy the naturalness more calmly.

6. Le Centre Helio Marin – France

nude beaches

In short, CHM is the birthplace of the nudist movement. CHM in France, which was founded as the first nudist holiday village in the world in the 1950s, was the place where the Federation of Nudists was founded in 1953. There are detached huts, caravans and camping areas in the region, which is also open to families. Although the resort has a pool and similar services, it is still the most popular place on the nudist beach.

5. Haulover Beach – Florida – USA

nude beaches

Haulover Beach, just north of Miami, is Florida’s best nude sunbathing area. The beach, which attracts more than one million visitors a year, is also suitable for families. Certified lifeguards, group activities such as volleyball and a 750-meter strip of white sand await you.

4. Valalta – Rovinj – Crotia

nude beaches

Valalta is one of the most popular nudist beaches and nudist campgrounds since the late 1960s. It is peaceful in every respect with its location among olive trees and grape gardens beside the sea view. The 3-kilometer beach has both sandy and stony areas.

3. Wreck Beach – Vancouver – Canada

Wreck Beach, named after the shipwreck that remained on this beach for a long time, is Canada’s first and only state-approved nudist beach. The 5-kilometer-long beach, just 15 minutes from Vancouver, can be visited on foot only.

2. Agde – France

nude beaches

Cap d’Agde is a world famous nudist resort. This small town reaches a population of 40 thousand by the summer and nudity is not only left on the beach but also moved to living areas. So besides sunbathing naked here, you can go shopping, walk around or eat.

1. Bellevue Beach – Denmark

We admit that Denmark is not the first place that comes to mind when it comes to the beach, but this 700-meter small coastline, only 10 kilometers from Copenhagen, is a piece of heaven. The beach, which hosts 500 million visitors annually, is the most popular in Denmark.

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