New York Attractions detailed information, photos and advice on many important topics from places to visit in New York to transportation, from shopping to accommodation and hotel recommendations for every budget, from local dishes to nightlife . Let’s Start New York Attractions.

New York Attractions - City Guide

While the cities that can be vacationed on the eastern side of the United States are listed, New York, which is often mentioned in the first place, gives different excitement to travelers 24 hours a day. Therefore, within the New York travel guide that I prepared by taking my own experience to the fore, I tried to talk about the opportunities that will enable you to get to know the city in detail, especially on issues such as accommodation, places to visit and urban transportation.

In this article, you can also find information on culturally colorful New York attractions thanks to its ethnic diversity and information on where to go for shopping, entertainment.

New York History

The city was founded in 1624 by the Dutch, who bought Manhattan Island for only a thousand dollars from the locals, under the name of New Amsterdam. However, in 1664 the city was dominated by the British and later II. The name was changed to New York to honor the Duke of York, who would sit on the throne as James.

When the calendars showed 1765, New York witnessed the first clashes between the Sons of Freedom and British forces, which set out on the principle of full independence. After 10 years of conflict, the biggest battle of the American War of Independence, the Long Island War, took place in Brooklyn in 1776. Although the British left the war victorious, the city soon gained its independence.


The first capital of the United States developed rapidly in many areas with the privilege of being the most important trade center of the country in the early 19th century. It even took the title of the most densely populated city in the world in London in 1920.

When to Visit New York?

When to Visit New York? New York Attractions - City Guide

After giving general information about the city within the New York travel guide, I would like to talk about its climate and which is the best time to travel.

New York spends the whole year under the influence of the humid subtropical climate. This situation increases the number of sunny days in the city during the summer months. Therefore, many travelers prefer to create their vacation plans for the summer.

By acting in a similar way, you can have the opportunity to get to know the city from all aspects. However, you should also consider that the number of tourists in the city has increased significantly during this period of the year, and long queues have formed in front of most popular attractions.

In fact, thanks to its mild climate, you can travel to the city in the spring and autumn months and have great experiences. It is more enjoyable than summer to get to know the city in these two seasons. Moreover, accommodation prices are going down to more reasonable levels.

If you wish, you can also consider going to New York under the snow cover in the winter season when it has an elegant appearance. Especially on the eve of Christmas and New Year, the city becomes bright.


Where to Stay in New York? Hotel Recommendations

Midtown, which is the most popular accommodation region in New York, provides the first time travelers to the city to get to know the city in all its aspects.

The region, which hosts the flashy Times Square, despite the high hotel prices, Rockefeller Center, Empire State, St. Ideal for those who want to be close to iconic attractions such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Museum of Modern Art.

Chelsea, which has aroused interest with its bohemian atmosphere, incorporates lively nightlife facilities. The area, 10-15 minutes from Times Square, also hosts attractive shopping opportunities. Only when it comes to shopping should you not forget Greenwich Village. Attracting the attention of families thanks to its giant shopping malls and comedy clubs, the settlement is also known as the “Region of Artists”.

If you want to stay in an area that has a calm atmosphere during the New York holiday and that allows you to get to know the city’s multicultural structure, you can find the options you are looking for in the boundaries of SoHo and Lower East Side. Similarly, the Financial District also stands out with its calmness.

Hotel Reservation: In order to avoid being affected by the price increases especially in the summer months, you can evaluate the early booking opportunities of New York hotels.


Places to Visit in New York. New York Attractions - City Guide

Places to Visit in New York

You can make your first visit in the city to the iconic Statue of Liberty rising on Liberty Island. After visiting the museum under the statue and watching the city view from the top, you can turn your route to Times Square.

The square is one of the most ideal places to breathe the air that makes New York unique. Moreover, there are two architectural marvels in the immediate vicinity, such as Empire State and Rockefeller Center, which have long been among the city’s main landmarks. At the upper parts of both buildings, the viewing terraces that offer exquisite views are waiting for you.

Don’t forget to add Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park to your list when you say the symbols of the city. Best New York Attractions. Though I recommend at least half a day to visit the park. Because it contains many possibilities that will allow you to have fun.

Another New York Attractions , If you want to know the cultural accumulation of New York soon, you can visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Do not miss MoMa and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, where admirable works are exhibited.

If you want to have a pleasant day in a calm environment, you can go to SoHo. You can even take your place here until the evening and watch the impressive performances in the evening live in Broadway theaters.

In New York, which houses residential areas belonging to different ethnic groups such as Chinatown and Little Italy, you can take the road of Bryant Park when you desire to spend a few hours relaxing, away from the hustle and feel New York Attractions.


What to do in New York?

What to do in New York? New York Attractions - City Guide

You can give priority to city tour. If you like, you can visit the wide boulevards surrounded by modern buildings, narrow streets in authentic neighborhoods such as Little Italy and Chinatown on foot or by hop on hop off buses. You can even take part in bicycle tours.

Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Fifth Avenue stand out as the best Of New York Attractions routes for walking. Of course, you can make this experience more satisfying by adding neighborhoods such as Brooklyn Heights, Harlem, SoHo, High Line to your route.

Apart from walking, you can take the ferry to observe the city from different angles and visit the places that have an important place in New York history.

If you are after capturing interesting sights that you can photograph, I highly recommend you to join hop on hop off ferry tours. You can get valuable clues about the city’s history through tours to the islands of Liberty, Staten and Ellis.

You can see almost the entire city from these special areas on the upper floors of the Freedom Tower, Rockefeller Center and Empire State. Of course, if your budget is large, you can also consider taking your place in helicopter tours.

Cultural facilities such as the Natural History Museum and MoMa are rare and exhibits that can expand your knowledge in many subjects are exhibited. On the other hand, the 9/11 Memorial Museum reveals the traces of the painful event that took place in 2001 with all its nakedness.

Tour Reservations: As I mentioned in the previous section within the New York travel guide, there are many places to visit in the city. The easiest way to get to know these places in detail is to participate in guided tours.


Transportation in New York

Transportation in New York New York Attractions - City Guide

If you plan to stay in central areas like Midtown, you can easily reach many places on foot. Of course, you can use the metro services to save time. You can even travel with PATH if you’re around Lower Manhattan. Metro and PATH are available 24/7.

The bus network in New York is designed as detailed as the subway. In this way, the journey from the east of the city to the west to the west or vice versa is significantly easier. You can look at the letter written on the dashboard on the front of the bus to find out which district the bus provides.

You can get a single use or balance MetroCard by considering your frequency of use for the metro, which is the most popular transportation method in the city. You can also transfer to buses with these cards. If you are going to focus on bus use, you can head to the seven-day Express Bus Plus.

For example, yellow taxis carry passengers to the south of Manhattan with airports. The green ones serve only in the northern parts of the city. If you want to take a black taxi, you need to make a reservation in advance. Due to these restrictions, finding a vehicle through the mobile application in the city is seriously popular.


New York Pass

New York Pass New York Attractions - City Guide

Cards with different contents are on sale for travelers who are planning a vacation in the city. For example, thanks to New York CityPASS, you can visit places like Empire State, Museum of Natural History of America, MoMa with discounts of up to 41%.

You can also benefit from serious discounts on the holidays you will spend in the city with the cards like The Sightseeing Pass – New York, Build Your Own Go New York Explorer. However, among all these options in terms of scope, I recommend the New York Pass.

The New York Pass offers free access to over 100 events for periods ranging from 1 to 10 days from the first activation.


Shopping in New York

Shopping in New York

You can come across the most authentic options for souvenirs in the shops in Chinatown. For classic style gifts, you can head to Manhattan and Brooklyn. In markets such as DUMBO Street Flea and Hell’s Kitchen Street Flea, you can also find products with unique qualities.

Century 21 takes the first place among the stores that stand out with its brand diversity and affordable prices. Of course, my favorite on this subject is definitely Target.


Food and Drink in New York

In New York, which is one of the cities where fast food culture is developed, you can taste local flavors such as pizza, bagel, hot dog, corned beef and oyster soup.

In New York, which is one of the cities where fast food culture is developed, you can taste local flavors such as pizza, bagel, hot dog, corned beef and oyster soup.


For pizza, you can go to Grimaldi’s Pizza, and if you like hamburgers and milkshake, you can go to Shake Shack branches. You can even try the original recipes of the chefs in the food carts that stop at different points in the city.

In restaurants where you eat in New York, except for self-service shops, you are expected to leave a tip between 10% and 20% of the incoming account. In some places, this price can be included in the fee.


New York Nightlife

New York Nightlife New York Attractions - City Guide

New York is a city where mobility for 24 hours does not decrease even for a moment. Therefore, the entertainment industry had the opportunity to develop continuously in this deep-rooted city since the beginning of the 20th century. Broadway first came to mind when it comes to entertainment. However, over time, night life has managed to take root in different parts of the city.

Times Square and its surroundings remain the most remarkable part of New York attractions . In this part of the city, there are venues focused on different categories, from concert halls colored with live performances to comedy clubs.

I can recommend 230 Fifth Avenue, Apotheke and La Esquina for those who need space suggestions. The atmosphere of each is truly fascinating.





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