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Interesting and entertaining festivals are held all over the world that you have not heard of before. Since these festivals are held in the 3rd World countries, it is often possible to hear their names too much. We have also researched this topic for you and brought together interesting world festivals that are okay for you to go.

10. Jumping Over The Babies – Spain

The Jump Over Baby Festival is held in Spain. It is a popular event held every year since 1620 at Castillo de Murcia near Burgos. All babies are laid on a blanket, and adults who are dressed in the devil costume jump over the babies.

9. Monkey Buffet Festivals – Thailand

interesting festivals

The interesting festival takes place in Lopburi every November, and about 4000 people attend this event with their bananas, apples and candies to feed the monkeys.

8. Boryeong Mud Festival –  South Korea

interesting festivals

Boryeong in South Korea hosts the Mud Festival every year. The festival first started to be held in 1998 and today attracts nearly 11 million visitors every year.

7. Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri – Japan

This ritual takes place in Tokyo on the third Saturday of every February. In this festival, a priest throws holy sticks over 900 half naked men in the designated pit. Those who catch the sticks should raise that stick to the holy rice bowl as soon as possible.

6. Songkran Festival – Thailand

interesting festivals

Songkran Festival is a very enjoyable festival held in Thailand every year to celebrate the new year. Strangely enough, this festival is celebrated all over Thailand in April. In this festival, people try to wet each other with whatever they get.

5. Deaths Festival – Mexico

interesting festivals

Celebrated every year in Mexico and dedicated to Mictecacihualt, the goddess of death of Aztecs, the Festival of the Dead dates back to the myths. In a way, it is accepted as the ancestor of today’s Halloween.

4. Rio Carnival – Brazil

rio carnival

The biggest entertainment of Brazilians is the world-famous festival Rio Carnival. The festival, which is shown as one of the most interesting festivals and started to be celebrated for the first time in 1723, is attended by an average of 2 million people a day. In the festival where music and dance never ends, people have fun with colorful clothes.

3. Harbin Ice And Show – China

Known as the biggest snow and ice festival in the world, Harbin Ice and Snow generally starts on January 5 and continues for a month. The largest ice sculptures are made in the world at the festival, and these sculptures are often imitations of important works.

2. Holi Festival – India

most interesting festivals

The world-famous Spring Festival Holi is a very colorful and entertaining culture celebrated in India and Nepal, which has interesting traditions around the world. The biggest goal in the celebration of the festival is to present the victory of the good against the bad, the arrival of spring, the end of winter and gratitude to the beautiful harvest.

1. Loi Krathong And Yi Peng Festivals – Thailand

The interesting Festival sets made of banana tree are decorated with flowers, candles, banana leaves and incense. People gather the baskets decorated with incense and drop them into the water on the last full moon evening. This makes us think that anger and unhappiness will go over people.


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