most interestin customs around the world

Most interesting Customs around the world. In every region of our world suitable for living, people have created a culture with the effect of their geography and decorated it with rituals. In this post, we will describe 10 traditions of many communities living in various parts of the world that are mind-blowing and will surprise you.

Most Interesting Customs Around The World

1. North Korea


most interesting customs around the world

In North Korea, it is forbidden to marry under the age of 25 for women and 27 for men. Individuals must have fulfilled their military and other obligations to the state before they get married.

2. India

most interesting customs

Most interesting customs from India. The members of the secret Indian organization, who worshiped Shiva, consider Shiva as the supreme god, and they believe nothing is bad because they believe that Shiva created everything. That’s why they participate in all kinds of sexual activities, use drugs and drink alcohol, and eat meat. There are no taboo insights. Their strange tradition is that they cannibals and have special temples for it. They supply their clothes from the dead, burn and warm the dead, and get their food from the river. Cadavers drifting above the river are caught and eaten raw after limbs are cut.

3. Indonesia

Another most interesting customs from Indonesia. Funerals are an important moment of life for Toraja people. It takes months for a family to afford expenses because they live in poverty. Here, during the months when this money needs to be accumulated, clothes are put on the body and the dead body is kept at home. The Torah believes that the soul of the dead remains home until buried.

4. India

In India, women who come to the house as housekeepers have to meet the sexual needs of the single men at home.

5. England

In Liverpool, shop decorators cannot change the dress of mannequins while kids are watching the window.

6. Amboyna Island

If local people think that the product will be low in the field in Amboyna Island, men should go to the field naked at sunset and masturbate between crops. I think it is one of the most interesting customs i have heard .

7. Mauritania

Obesity has been a tradition in Mauritania. Girls who are at the age of marriage need to be at least 60 and at most 100 kilos. Even if they do not eat, the girls are punished.

8. Czech Republic

The beer bath is very popular in the Czech Republic. Czechs think that the beer bath is very good for health. They believe it has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

9. Venezuela & Brazil

most interesting customs

Most interesting customs from Brazil $ Venezuela .Yanomamo is a large tribe originating from Venezuela and Brazil. A tribe firmly adhering to its old traditions, away from modern life. Because of their religious traditions, the people of this tribe forbid hiding any part of the body of the dead person. When someone in this tribe dies, it is completely cremated. Ashes are shared among family members and eaten.

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