most expensive islands in the world

After the most expensive houses, mansions, yachts, etc. that we have shared with you so far, we will be sharing the most expensive islands in the world today. Of course, maybe it may be pointless to examine this article for people who have not yet bought a house; however, we suggest that you do not think that way. Because by examining this list we have compiled for you by researching; be sure, you will get privileged information that most people don’t have. As a result, we would like to remind you that you do not have to pay millions of dollars to have this information. In other words, you will take only a few minutes to examine our article and you will have fun and learn new and updated information.

10. Shelter Island – $59.5 Million

most expensive islands in the world

We see that the cheapest island on our list is Shelter Island in Montana. It is known that there are approximately 3000 square meters of private property on the island, which is sold for $ 59.5 million. However, we would also like to point out that the person who bought Shelter Island will have an enormous 2300 square meter mansion. After all, the millionaire to buy by meeting the price of this island known as 59.5 million dollars is a matter of curiosity. But this person is everybody; Undoubtedly, he will be seen as one of the lucky people who will have the opportunity to live in the most special areas of the world.

9. Omfori Island – $60 Million

Omfori Island, which is shown as the most expensive islands of Greece with its price of 60 million dollars; As a result of its high price, it is also on our list of the most expensive islands in the world. After all, it will be a perfect choice for millionaires who want to live their private life in the eyes. Omfori Island, located in the Ionian Sea, is known as one of the islands that most people show as a corner from heaven.

8. Caye Chapel Island – $65 Million

When we look at the island, which is on the 8th place in our list, we see Caye Chapel Island, located approximately 26 kilometers northeast of the city of Belize. The price of this island, which has an 18-hole golf course, a small airport, a marina with deep waters, a club building of about 2400 square meters, a large pool and bar, is known as 65 million dollars.

7. D’Arros Island – $94 Million

most expensive islands in the world

D’Arros Island in Seychelles. When we look at the previous owners of the island, which is sold for $ 94 million, we see quite famous names. For example; Iranian Prince Shahram Pahlavi Nia bought this island in 1975 and owned the island for many years. Then D’Arros Island was bought in 1998 by Liliane Bettencourt, who was shown as the richest woman of 2013 according to the French tax authorities. The island, which was later bought by someone whose name was not announced in 2012, is now on sale for $ 94 million.

6. Macapule Island – $95 Million

Another of the most expensive islands in the world is Macapule Island in the Sea of ​​Kortez. This island, which is sold for $ 95 million, is still known as an unprocessed piece of land. Additionally; The island, which has a coastline of 150 meters and consists of an empty area of ​​approximately 2100 hectares; It is shown as an incredible opportunity for people and companies who want to invest, as well as millionaires. All in all; Macapule Island, which can be evaluated in many different areas such as the tourism sector, is waiting to be processed by its new buyer.

5. Ronde Island – $100 Million

most expensive islands in the world

Ronde Island, one of the countless islands in the Grenada region, has been waiting for its new buyer since its launch in 2007. Yes, this beautiful island has not been noticed by anyone for years and with its price of 100 million dollars, it still has not found a buyer.

4. Necker Island – $100 Million

Spending around $ 10 million for the design on Necker Island, Richard Branson sold the island, which he built as an excellent destination, for $ 100 million. We would also like to point out that the price of one night accommodation on this island starts at $ 60,000 so that it can be better understood that buying Necker Island will definitely be a profitable investment.

3. Rang Yai Island – $160 Million

most expensive islands

It is known all over the world that millions of dollars have been invested in Thailand, which has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in recent years. Rangyai Island, which is famous as the most expensive island of Thailand, which has many islands, has also been awarded the 3rd place in our list with a sales price of 160 million dollars. After all, this candidate, who is only 20 minutes away from Phuket International Airport, can comfortably invest $ 160 million on this island.

2. Lisbon Island – $350 Million

most expensive islands in the world

We see that Lisbon Island, which is the second most expensive island in the list,  the price of the island, which was initially sold at $ 350 million, was later reduced to $ 310 million. Additionally; It is known that the island, which is only 300 meters away from the Lisbon coast, measures about 1,250 hectares. As a result, Lisbon Island, which is shown as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, is also among the islands waiting for its new buyer.

1. Lanai Island – $610 Million

We see that the island, which is ranked # 1 on our list and has earned the title as the most expensive island in the world, is the incredible Lanai Island of $ 610 million. 98% of Lanai Island, also known as the 6th largest island in Hawaii, was acquired by Larry Ellison, founder and chief executive of Oracle Corporation. However, the remaining 2% of Lanai Island belongs to the Hawaiian administration. In addition, Larry Ellison announced that he plans to develop his infrastructure and agricultural potential by investing another 500 million dollars on this island.

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