The number of billionaires in the world is increasing day by day. This is actually a proof that the economic imbalance is at an advanced level. Being a billionaire is another recipe for luxury and extravagant life for most rich people. Just a few years ago, the most luxurious hotel in a hotel you want to stay offered a 5-star concept. Now the situation is much different. The tourism sector is at its peak with its comfort and magnificence that will not be able to find king rooms. The ultra luxurious rooms they designed answer all the desires of their guests. Of course, this service also has a price tag. How much is it? If you wish, let us learn the answer to this question and the luxurious hotel rooms from the list we prepared for you. The prices on our list are the prices for one night of the rooms.

Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World

10. Burj Al Arab – King Suite

most expensive hotel rooms

Burj Al Arab hotel’s king suite primarily offers its guests a luxurious bathroom experience to relax. It offers access to the internet with a king-size full-size bed, jacuzzis, private butler and 24-carat gold-plated iPad. At the same time, the gold finishes, purples and exotic features in the room make the room look spectacular. One of the most unique features of Burj Al Arab is the restaurant Al Mahara, located under the sea. The luxury hotel has one-night suites for at least $ 2,000.

10th Most Expensive Hotel King Suite is $22.000

9. Ritz Carlton Tokyo – King Suite

Located on the 53rd floor of the tallest building in the city, the suite offers some of the most beautiful views of Shinjuku. King suites feature Frette bed linen, rain shower heads, marble bathrooms, a 16-guest dining room and a king-size bed.

 9th Most Expensive Hotel King Suite is  $25.000

8. Plaza Hotel – King Suite

The famous Plaza Hotel in New York offers its guests a super king room. Located in the Plaza Hotel, this luxurious room offers 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom accommodation, especially with views of Fifth Avenue and the legendary Pulitzer Fountain Manhattan.

8th Most Expensive Hotel King Suite is $30.000

7. Lucala Island Hotel – King Suite

Unlike other hotels in this list, everything is included in the price. Among these features; gourmet food, champagne, beach riding and even spa. To stay here, you must fill out a form and wait for them to invite you.

7th Most Expensive Hotel King Suite is $40.000

6. Palms Casino Hotel – Sky Villa

The room overlooks the magnificent Vegas Strip. Covering 836 square meters, this villa has private terraces with a view of the Vegas Strip, a private glass elevator, fitness room, massage room and sauna; Besides, there is 24-hour butler service, 12-person glass-covered jacuzzi pool.

6th Most Expensive Hotel Sky Villa is $40.000

5. Gran Lagos Lagonissi – King Suite

Located in Athens, Grand Resort Lagonissi has a peaceful view of the Aegean. The Villa has its own personal heated pool. In addition, the room has a large marble bathroom, plus two bedrooms in a unique style.

5th Most Expensive Hotel King Suite is $45.000

4. Four Seasons New York – Roof Top King Suite

most expensive hotels in the world

Offering sports accommodation that can rival any luxury apartment, the New York Four Seasons Ty Warner Penthouse Suite offers a 360-degree view of Manhattan under your feet. It has a glazed balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows.

4th Most Expensive Hotel King suite is $45.000

3. Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes – King Suite

most expensive hotel rooms

Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes’ king suite is completed with 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and dining rooms, 2 study rooms, 2 saunas and 4 bathrooms. In addition, each room has a hydrotherapy bath and a Turkish bath.

3rd Most Expensive Hotel King Suite is $51.800

2. Raj Palace – Shahi Mahal Suite

most expensive hotel in the world

In addition to 6 bedrooms, you will enjoy the library, private theater, astrology room and private kitchen staff. The hotel also now has a 2,229 square meter terrace garden and a 3-sided infinity pool.

2nd Most Expensive Hotel Shahi Mahal Suite is $60.000

1. Hotel President Wilson – King Suite

most expensive hotel in the world

It is considered the most expensive hotel room in the world. The king suite has 12 bedrooms and 12 marble bathrooms. In addition, the region where the hotel is located offers a great visual. In the breathtaking panoramic view of the Swedish Alps and Lake Geneva, you can listen to songs from the hotel’s musicians. The hotel offers dedicated staff of chiefs and personal assistants to meet your every wish and need.

Most Expensive Hotel King Suite is $83.200 


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