There are many beautiful places to visit in the world. As well as this, there are dangerous places that human beings would never want to go. We will try to introduce these dangerous places that people will never want to visit. Now let’s start telling. Most dangerous places in the world.

Most Dangerous Places In The World

10. Death Valley – US

most dangerous places in the world

If we consider our world as a home, we can say that Death Valley is the furnace of this home. The highest natural temperature recorded  in this valley (56.5 degrees), and you can survive only 14 hours without water in this valley.

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9. Danakil Desert – Ethiopia

With a temperature of about 50 degrees, this desert of Africa is called hell in the world. Although scary, it attracts the attention of tourists. But even if you do not have an experienced guide, it is strictly forbidden to visit here with your own consent. 

8. Washington Mountain – Us

most dangerous places on the earth

This summit has gone down in history as the peak where the fastest winds in the world were recorded. The speed of the wind is on average 327 km / h and it’s hard to imagine that. It is also one of the deadliest spots in the world, with a cold of up to -40 degrees.

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7. Sinabung Volcano – Indonesia

This active volcano in Indonesia explodes almost every year and even spreads death to the surrounding settlements due to the gases it emits. When it last erupted, earthquakes occurred in many countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. Most dangerous places in the world.

6. Snake Island – Brazil

most dangerous places on the earth

As the name suggests, an island full of snakes and the Brazilian government banned entry to the island. Do not say how many snakes it can be, it is estimated that an average of 5 venomous snakes per square meter.

5. Madidi National Park – Bolivia

most dangerous places on the earth

Although it gives the impression of a wonderful park, this park is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Because it hosts the world’s deadliest bacterial fauna. Even contact with any plant or minor injury can cause deadly infections.

4. Death Valley – Russia

most dangerous places in the world

In this valley, toxic gases scattered in the air cause the death of plants and animals immediately, and people catch deadly ailments.

3. Bikini Atoll


You may think it is an idyllic island hidden in the ocean, but this island, which has hosted many radioactive and nuclear experiments, is no longer habitable. There is a very high level of radiation that you can get cancer at any moment.

2. Afar Triangle – Ethiopia

This area close to the peak of Erta Ale volcano hosts 2 pools that are constantly filled with lava due to earthquakes in the world, and each earthquake makes this place even more dangerous. What will happen at the end? Nobody knows this.

1. Natron Lake – Tanzania

Most dangerous places in the world is located in Tanzania. The dense layer of salt on the surface of the lake causes the death of people who come into contact with this lake. The very strong hydrogen sulfide gas it emits around can cause huge damage. You guessed that swimming in this lake is strictly prohibited.


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