Beaches generally offer sea, sand and sun and are among the most enjoyable places to spend time in summer. Many people throw themselves on the beaches and enjoy the hot sands and cool waters. But there are quite dangerous beaches in the world. Here are the most dangerous beaches in the world.

Where Are The Most Dangerous Beaches?

Cape Tribulation – Australia

most dangerous beaches in the world

One of the most dangerous beaches Cape Tribulation which is located in Australia. Many creatures like crocodiles, strange birds of prey named Cassowary, venomous snakes can attack you. It is even more dangerous to swim in the sea, especially in rainy weather. Because hundreds of poisonous jellyfish in the sea will be waiting for you.

New Smyrna Beach – Florida

The reputation of this beach in Florida is not good at all. The beach is actually a wonder of nature, but it is quite dangerous. Many shark attacks occur every year. An average of 238 shark attacks take place each year.

Hanakapiai Beach – Hawaii

most dangerous beaches

This perfect beach in Hawaii is different from the rest. There is no predator on the sea or on the beach, but it is as dangerous as the other beaches on the list due to the large and violent swirls in the sea. There are more than 85 “dangerous” signs around the beach. There are frequent drowning incidents on this beach, where swimming is forbidden.

Heard Island – Antarctica

Heard Island beaches are actually quite different from our holiday habits. Sea water in this region is freezing cold. You can say who wants to swim in this cold, but this is a big demand point for surf enthusiasts. There are extreme surfing enthusiasts in the region, whose coast is naturally covered with ice. But freezing cold water threatens you with the risk of hypothermia at any time.

Shenzhen China

most dangerous beaches in the world

Shenzhen beach, opposite Hong Kong, is a very popular beach for both local and foreign people. But this popularity and this crowd on the beach is quite dangerous. It is full of both beach and sea. Unfortunately, this crowded beach causes dozens of accidents every day. People who try to swim among the crowd can drown, childrenĀ  can experience many dangers at the beach.

Zipolite Beach – Mexico

This beach, located in the south of Mexico, looks pretty nice from the outside. But the name of this beach is ‘Beach of Death’. The big waves that hit the beach cause hundreds of people to die every year. Although lifeguards wait along the beach for this situation, the waves that are many meters in length pose danger for people.

Mumbai Beaches – India

most dangerous beaches in the world

Beaches in India are considered to be one of the highest pollution beaches in the world. Pollution in both water and beach brings various health problems together. Despite this, many people spend time on these beaches and swim.

Boa Viagem Beach – Brazil

The beach, which witnessed 60 shark attacks between 1992-2009, is another dangerous beaches on the black list. This beach, which is not visited by people after sewage flowing into the sea, environmental pollution and the ecosystem damage due to various reasons, is also famous for sharks.

Long Beach Island – New Jersey

most dangerous beaches

It is a beach subject to the movie Jaws, which many of us know. After four of the shark attacks in 11 days resulted in death, the coast was among the people who died red for a long time. Even after the big incident, there is no shark attack like before, people are more cautious while walking around these beaches.

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