Most dangerous airports in the world . Some of the most visited airports in the world are also on this list! You should definitely take a look at our content that we compiled the most dangerous airports. Here are the most dangerous and scary airports in the world!

We strongly recommend that you take a look at this list before determining your next vacation route. Some cities in the world have such airports that your holiday can be between death and life. They have many features from short landing lanes to dangerous flight conditions.

Most Dangerous Airports In The World

10. Mariscal Sucre International Airport – Ecuador

most dangerous airports

Old Mariscal Sucre airport, the busiest airport in Ecuador, is now moving to South America. This airport has witnessed many tragedies since its opening and was closed in 2013.

9. Kansai International Airport – Japan

most dangerous airport

This is one of the most dangerous airport in Japan is built on an artificial island. Earthquakes are the main threat to this small airline.

8. Madeira Airport – Portugal

most dangerous airports

The short runway, like many airports on this list, is the main problem. Many travelers who come here visit , They choose other airports or airports in Spain. They prefer to spend the rest of their travel by car or bus.

7. Tribhuvan International Airport – Nepal

Tribhuvan, located near Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, is a region known and loved by many travelers. This airport, which is the only international air band in Nepal, hosts approximately 3.5 million passengers. Severe weather conditions and poorly managed runways make it one of the most dangerous airports.

6. Ibrahim Nasir International Airport – Maldives

Located in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, this island airport is one of the most annoying airports for an airplane to land. Continuous rain showers and floods are not bad enough, and the small maneuvering area on the runway makes it one of the most dangerous airport.

5. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport – Saba

You may have never heard of Saba before. But it’s actually a small Caribbean island owned by the Netherlands. The airport here is the meeting point of commercial aircraft worldwide. It has a 1.3 km long runway.

4. Lukla Airport – Nepal

most dangerous airports

If you have decided to climb Mount Everest, unfortunately you have to fly to Lukla Airport in Nepal. There is no light or traffic control at Lukla Airport, located between the two mountains.

3. Agatti Aerodrome – India

most dangerous airports in the world

Agatti Aerodrome on the west coast of India. Surrounded by water, the airport’s small landing strip is the type that even the best pilots of the world will have difficulty.

2. Tufi Airport – Papua New Guinea

Tufi Airport is filled with spooky memories by many pilots. The pilot, which is prepared for landing, literally gives a feeling of heart attack. Its extremely small and short track is pretty scary for pilots facing death.

1. Ice Runway – Antartica

most ddangerous airport

Can you imagine your plane landing on 100% ice runway  in Antarctica? The main thing is to fight the severe cold that can destroy even the most modern aircraft! It is still the most dangerous airport in the world today.

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