most beautiful honeymoon destinations

Are you ready for the most romantic holiday of your life in the shadow of the palm trees? eHolidayAdvisor has compiled the most popular international routes for honeymoon couples with honeymoon hotels abroad, one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in the world.

Honeymoon has always been a great opportunity to get rid of the stress of wedding preparations and the tiredness of moving home. eHolidayAdvisor listed the most popular honeymoon destinations and routes so that you can experience the most romantic holiday of your life. We can guarantee that you will never want to return from where you went.

Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations


best honeymoon routes

White coral stones, lush tropical forests are among the reasons that have attracted honeymoon couples for years. You can rest your soul and body with spa pleasure in special rooms reserved for couples before cooling off on the turquoise coasts. 

North Cyprus

best honeymoon holidays

Cyprus is one of the best destinations to spend the most special holiday of your life. Luxury and unlimited service hotels, colorful nightlife, historical texture, warmer climate and advantageous prices make Cyprus one of the most attractive honeymoon destinations.


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Mauritius may be the least known route on our exotic honeymoon list. This African island, which makes more and more mention of its name day by day, is a piece of paradise. The island of Mauritius located in the heart of the Indian Ocean; It offers charming beaches with uninhabited bays, sparkling sea and soft sand for honeymoon couples.


Seychelles, the tropical island country of Africa, is another honeymoon destination that has become quite popular recently. It is possible to visit the small islands of Seychelles big and small by renting a boat or participating in crowded tours. In addition to the island tour, you can add activities to your honeymoon by participating in activities such as diving, surfing, bird watching and helicopter tour.


best honeymoon destinations

The tropical corner of Africa, Zanzibar Island, is one of the most efficient routes for those who want to spend an amazing honeymoon. The eastern part of the island has amazing beaches.  Apart from the beaches preferred by backpackers, the Jambiani Beach, which we will call the “honeymoon beach”, stands out. Jambiani is a beach with luxury hotels right on the Jozani Forest. Although these hotels are not designed as flawlessly as in Bali or the Maldives, it is worth noting that accommodation prices are slightly higher.

Bora Bora Island

Described as the “Queen of the Pacific”, Bora Bora is one of the most expensive overseas honeymoon destinations in the world, but it is so unique that you will not want to return. Offering an unforgettable honeymoon with its wonderful white sandy beaches, emerald green mountains, warm clear waters, extraordinary experiences such as swimming with stingrays and magnificent views, Bora Bora Island is located in French Bolynesia connected to Tahiti.


most romantic honeymoon destinations

Our recommendation will be European cities for those who want to integrate their honeymoon with the quartet of history, culture, nature and taste. In this article, we find Santorini that best suits postcards from Europe’s most romantic routes, Mykonos with the most active nightlife, Patmos with its most virgin bays, Rhodes with its best-preserved ancient city, Midilli with its tranquility.

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Thailand – Phuket

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Thailand’s most beautiful island is undoubtedly Phuket. With its colorful nightlife, crazy night shows, virgin bays, luxury hotels and magnificent beaches, Phuket is an unrivaled overseas honeymoon route. Do not forget to visit the famous James Bond and Phi Phi islands at a boat ride distance while you are going to Phuket, which is one of the rare honeymoon destinations where you can experience peace and crazy entertainment life.

Indonesia Bali

It is the most popular island in Indonesia and one of the most popular honeymoon preferences in Southeast Asia. Bali’s story begins with backpackers actually exploring the virgin island beaches. The popularity of the island, which attracts Australian tourists with its location and affordable prices, is thus increasing.


most beautiful honeymoon destinations

When talking about honeymoon abroad, undoubtedly the first Maldives comes to mind. In fact, we are expressing every location with fascinating turquoise waters and white sands with the nickname “Region’s Maldives”. Although this route is a dream for some and a cliché for others, it would not be possible not to mention Maldives in a honeymoon vacation article.

For the Maldives, the definition of “a country designed for honeymoon” is not wrong at all. Offering an unforgettable honeymoon opportunity with a complete service in the exotic bungalow hotels of an island surrounded by palm trees; It is famous for its unique nature, calm atmosphere and special honeymoon hotels.

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