most beautiful cities in Europe

Most Beautiful Cities In The Europe .Europe has countries with different beauties. There are cities with very different characteristics among these countries. The sights of each are loved separately for travelers. Some go to see the historical capital, some go to see the most developed city. All cities have their own dishes and places to visit. Here are the 20 most beautiful cities in Europe:

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Europe

20. Florence – Italy

most beautiful cities in Europe

Although Rome is the popular capital of Italy and the cosmopolitan center of Milan, Florence is the capital of history, art and architecture. Although it was the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence has recently changed. Florence, the center of modern culture, is at the forefront of art and gastronomy.

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19. Lucerne – Switzerland

Lucerne is a city like fairy tales with its bridges, architecturally beautiful buildings, colorful old city center. When you come to Lucerne, the starting point of the Alps, you should definitely try the steak with homemade beer and cream sauce.

18. Salzburg – Austria

most beautiful cities in Europe

Austria is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with its beautiful city of Salzburg. When you come to Salzburg, which is separated by the Salzach River, you should definitely try the local flavors and enjoy the city.

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17. Barcelona – Spain

From mountains to beaches, from history to modernism, Barcelona is a city that contains many different elements. You can witness the Catalan history at El Born Cultural Center and have a nice dinner .

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16. Vienna – Austria

most beautiful cities in Europe

Vienna, which is shaped by artistic, original and music and intellectual accumulation, is the biggest city and capital of Austria. You should witness the kingdom in Schönbrunn and then taste the world-famous chocolate cake named Sachertorte.

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15. Paris – France

No fancy words are needed to promote Paris. Even the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Rodin Museum and the Seine River are enough! Do not forget to eat in a stylish restaurant in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world, and try local delicacies such as pancakes and macarons.

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14. London – England

most beautiful cities in Europe

Known for its two-storey buses, iconic red telephone booths and pub culture, London has experienced many changes in recent years. eHolidayAdvisor suggest you to try cocktail bars and eat in a stylish restaurant.

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13. Rome – Italy

You can taste every color of life in Rome. You can visit the Pantheon and the Colosseum and drink espresso, throw money at the Fountain of Love, try your luck, and breathe on the Spanish stairs.

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12. Nuremberg – Germany

most beautiful cities in Europe

Almost every city in Germany is photographed. But Nuremberg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe . It has a different beauty because it blends old and new very beautifully. Nuremberg, the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the capital of science and inventions, is known today for its museums and the New Year’s market.

11. Venice – Italy

There is a general rule about Venice. If you’re not getting lost here, you’re doing something wrong. Even someone with a sense of direction like GPS can get lost in Venice. Take extra time for yourself to travel and when you come here, consider the local options for your stomach.

10. Stockholm – Sweden

most beautiful cities in Europe

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe , Stockholm is also the cultural, political, press and economic center of Sweden. Although most of the travelers spend most of their time in the medieval center, Stockholm actually consists of 14 islands and the closest of these islands is 20 minutes away by ferry. You can also consider visiting these islands.

9. Budapest – Hungary

most beautiful cities in Europe

Budapest, where you can see the best examples of European architecture, is the capital of Hungary. 16.-17. The city, which came into prominence with the hot springs built here in the 16th century, is also at the forefront in coffee and pastry. You can walk by the Danube River and experience the local flavors of Hungary here.

8. Istanbul – Turkey

most beautiful cities in Europe

Turkey’s most populous, is also the most important city. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with its Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, Grand Bazaar, Egyptian Bazaar and the historical richness of each corner. If you want to get away from the crowd of the city, you can enter the back streets of Galata and Karaköy.

7. Amsterdam – Netherlands.


Windmills, bicycles, Van Gogh, Amsterdam’s unique atmosphere makes this city the center of focus. If you want to see the “new” face of Amsterdam, you can stay in a 17th century hotel and walk around the canals, rent a bicycle and explore the city.

6. Bruges – Belgium

The city of Brugge, famous for Belgium’s canals and cute, was built in the 12th – 15th centuries. Therefore, it is inevitable to feel yourself in the Middle Ages. When you come here, you can see Michalengelo’s famous painting “Madonna and Her Child”, you can sit in a cafe and watch the city.

5. Madrid – Spain

You can visit the streets and take a break in a museum and have a drink at La Alemana. You can witness the Spanish lifestyle in this lively city. You can shop at El Corte Ingles, go to the market in Mercado San Anton, and have a picnic at the Depod Egyptian Temple.

4. Zurich – Switzerland

Zurich’s central location in Western Europe makes it a transit point for many places. The most popular destinations from here are Alsace, Venice and Milan with the longest train tunnel in the world. However, there are many reasons why you should not use this place as a transit route only.

3 Edinburgh – Scotland

most beautiful cities in Europe

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Here you can see an old medieval settlement, an extinct volcano, a magnificent castle and a new city center from the 1800s.

2. Copenhagen – Denmark

With its beer culture, the best restaurants in the world, a noble history and pedestrian and cyclist traffic and roads, Copenhagen is the most livable place in Nordik. Even though the city is one of the most expensive places in the world, even walking by the sea is a unique and free experience.

1. Prague – Czech Republic

The heart of Prague, each corner of which is beautiful, beats bohemically. Here you can go to one of the historical pubs such as U Zlateho Tygra or U Jelinku or watch the amazing view of the city from Petrin Hill. If you come to Prague at Christmas time, Wenceslas Square offers an image like in postcards.






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