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Luxury resorts know the importance of a magnificent swimming pool. They realize that it will be one of the first choices of the customers by having a magnificent water next to it and the wonderful view it creates.

Most of the holiday photos shared on social media are taken in swimming pools all over the world. Many people visit popular swimming pools to share on social media. We made a nice compilation of the most amazing pools in the world for you.

Most Amazing Pools In The World

10. The Tank

most amazing pool in usa

The Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas has one of the most unique pools in the world. The pool, also known as a tank, allows you to safely slide through a three-storey water slide and a giant tank with a shark in it. It offers a magnificent experience with its 750-ton weight, more than 300 sea creatures and impressive shark and stingrays. There are also waterfalls for guests to enjoy.

9. Perivolas Hotel Infinity Pool

infinity pool in greece

Perivolas Hotel, located in Santorini, Greece, is located on a high hill and offers a fascinating atmosphere by combining the Aegean sea with the infinity pool. Everything around the pool is chosen in harmony with nature and mixed with traditional Santorini air, it has a great view. So much so that it is hard to predict where the pool ends and where the ocean begins. It is the perfect place to rest, find peace and of course swim.

8. Six Senses Yao Noi Pool

Six Senses Yao Noi Pool

Six Senses is a boutique resort in Thailand. The service offered to its customers by considering the finest details of their private life stands out with each villa having its own infinity pool. There are private spa areas right next to some pools. Featuring rooms overlooking the Phang Nga bay, the hotel is located on a quiet island in Yao Noi, 45 minutes from Phuket by boat. Its surroundings are covered with trees, a few steps away from the white sands.

7. Gellert Baths

gellert baths budapest

Budapest is very famous for its thermal facilities and hot springs. In fact, another known name of the city is “City of Spas” and the most famous of these spas is the 100-year-old place called Gellert Baths. There are 10 pools with different temperatures and sizes in the spa located in the magnificent Gellert Hotel. Colorful glasses accompany the mosaic and pool. It is so beautiful that it is also the most photographed place in Hungary.

6. Joule Hotel Pool

Joule Hotel amazing Pool

The luxurious Joule Hotel in Texas offers its guests a very unique infinity pool. This amazing pool is designed on the 10th floor of the hotel with the end of the pool facing down from the building. Since its outward-facing part is durable plexiglass, it is quite durable. With this unusual design, visitors feel as if they are swimming outside the building. Let’s also mention that you have a magnificent view of Dallas under your feet. Guests who do not enter the pool can also relax by the pool and enjoy great food and cocktails.

5. Ubud Hanging Gardens Pool

most beautiful pools in the world

In Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali, you enjoy the infinity pool over an incredible view over a giant forest. Hanging Gardens, which is also selected as the best swimming pool in many sites in the world, offers a private infinite pool experience in many of the villas and suites. Thanks to its high position, enjoy enjoying the Pura Penataran Dalem Segara Temple and the forest surrounding it.

4. Four Seasons Safari Lodge Pool

most interesting pools

Visitors who come to Africa on a safari do not have to face great difficulties, especially if they are staying at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Tanzania. One of the most important features of this luxury hotel, which you can find in the famous Serengeti, is that it provides the opportunity to look at Serengeti from the pool. After a hard safari during the day, guests can swim in this amazing pools and watch the wildlife including animals such as elephant and zebra and drink their drinks.

3. Tropical Islands Resort Pool

Tropical Islands Resort Pool

Krausnick, Tropical Islands Resort in Germany is the largest indoor water park in the world. It is housed in a huge building built as an airship hangar in the past. A Malaysian firm buys this hangar and fills it with rainforests, beaches, artificial sun, palm trees and many pools. The largest pool is the “Tropical Sea” with a length of 140 meters. The total area of ​​4,400 m2 was designed to give the image of coral islands.

2. San Alfonso del Mar Pool

world's Largest Swimming Pool

San Alfonso Del Mar one the most amazing pool, is located in Algarrobo, Chile, is home to a pool that is also in the records book. It has 900 meters of filtered and two million tons of filtered sea water. This huge pool is right on the edge of the hotel and offers unlimited possibilities to the visitors. Using the latest technology, San Alfonso del Mar is exactly the same color as the blue of the sea and has a temperature 9 degrees higher than the sea temperature. It is such a big pool that even water sports are performed on it.

1. Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

marina bay sands infinity pool

This is one of the amazing pools Which is located on the top of Singapore, on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. The pool, which is literally in the corner of the Sky Park section of the hotel, is 150 meters long and has a view of almost all of Singapore. It is considered to be the highest pool in the world and seems to fall from the corner of the hotel. Of course, it would not be possible to come to Singapore and not see this place.

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