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The first settlement of Nicosia, the last divided capital of the world, is inside the walls in the form of a circle. The ambiance of a lively city makes it one of the must-see places among the many historical buildings and narrow streets . Today eholidayadvisor compiled most beautiful places to visit in Nicosia North Cyprus.

Places to Visit in Nicosia: Where to Go in Nicosia?

Places to visit in Nicosia start from historical points and continue in the entertainment centers of five-star hotels. There are very old buildings made by Venetians or religious buildings that evoke spiritual feelings, as well as restaurants where you can live the night life comfortably and enjoy fine dinners with pleasant views. So places to visit in Nicosia appeal to every taste!

1 Girne Kapisi ( Kyrenia Gate )

kyrenia gate in Nicosia

Contrary to its name, Kyrenia Gate in Nicosia, “Where to go in Nicosia?” One of the first answers to the question history enthusiasts. The building, named after the Franciscan soldier and architect proveditore (a military title in the Venetians), Fransesca Barbaro, dates back to 1567. The building, which was restored and enlarged by the Ottomans in 1821, takes its name from the beginning of the Southern Cyprus administration beyond 1 km. Today, there is a tourism office inside the Kyrenia Gate and you can reach every detail about Cyprus trip from here.

2. Venetian Column

venetian columns

Venetian Column, built by Venetians in 1550, is the second place that history and cultural enthusiasts can choose among the places to visit in Nicosia. This column with the emblems of 6 Italian families is located on Atatürk Square, one of the central places of Nicosia.

3. Museum of Barbarism

museum of barbarism in nicosia

The Barbarian Museum tells us in the most painful way how war can be devastating. Opened in 1996, this museum is a must-visit for those who are curious about recent history. All you have to do to visit the museum is to go to the Köşklü Çiftlik district.

4. Selimiye Mosque

places to visit in lefkosa

Selimiye Mosque, which is accepted as one of the most important gothic works in the history of Cyprus, is St. Petersburg. It emerged with the restoration of Sophia Cathedral. This work, which was built in the 13th century, is among the places to visit in Nicosia. The Ottomans added two minarets to the building in the middle of the 16th century and turned the cathedral into a mosque.

5. St. Nicholas Church

bedesten places to visit in nicosia

St. Nicholas Church was built as a religious building in the 12th century. The building, which was enlarged with the additions made later, was converted into a bazaar in Ottoman times and used as a textile center. Bedesten St. Nicholas Church, which is one of the most historical points of Nicosia, is one of the places that should be visited by those who love to photograph the historical places.

6. Buyuk Han ( Great Inn )

places to visit in nicosia

Büyük Han, located a little ahead of the Selimiye Mosque, is one of the oldest Turkish buildings you can see in Nicosia. The construction of the building, which was built on the Anatolian han architecture, started in 1570. This building, where the traveling merchants accommodated and the trade returned, is surrounded by cafes where you can drink warm tea.

7. Machairas Monastery

nicosia attractions

If you want to travel 30 minutes by car from Nicosia, you can see one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings on the island. This monastery, known as the Machairas Monastery, attracts today’s cultural enthusiasts as an Orthodox structure built in the 12th century. Boutique shops selling organic products in the surrounding, and cafes and restaurants serving delicious food are also great for spending a pleasant time after visiting the monastery.

8. The British Colonial Courts

nicosia places to visit

“What should I do in court on a trip to Nicosia?” you are right to ask; but this structure was built when Nicosia came under British rule and it is quite remarkable. Built in typical British colonial architecture, the building adds beauty to the city. Moreover, it is very close to Atatürk Square, which is the center of the city.

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