most amazing caves

Most amazing caves in the world. Caves , some of which are covered with huge stalactites and stalagmites, while others are filled with deep blue waters, fascinate with their magnificent views that emerged after centuries of formations. These natural formations, which you can see all over the world, are popular with photography enthusiasts as well as travel enthusiasts with their magnificent charm.

10. The Blue Grotto – Italy

Blue Grotto is a sea cave located on the coast of the island of Capri in Italy. The gate of the cave, which has a unique appearance with its bright and blue waters like emerald, is only one boat can pass at a time.

9. Crystal Cave – Chihuahua – Mexico

The Cave of the Crystals, which is most amazing cave in the world. The cave has huge selenite crystals, the largest of which reaches 12 meters, reaches 58 degrees and the humidity reaches 90%. For this reason, it is not possible to enter the cave without wearing a special protective suit.

8. Krubera Cave – Georgia

most amazing caves in the world

Krubera Cave, which is the deepest known cave in the world with two thousand 190 meters, takes its name from Russian geologist Alexander Kruber. This most amazing caves is visited by hundreds thousands of people every year. The cave is located in the Gagra district of Abkhazia.

7. Fingal Cave – Scotland

most amazing caves in the world

In Fingal Cave, which is a natural wonder on Staffa island in Scotland, there are hexagonal basalt columns formed by the lava flow. This magnificent sea cave is one of the most impressive spots in the country.

6. Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave – Austria

Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave, the largest ice cave in the world, has a length of 42 kilometers, but tourists can enter only two kilometers. The cave is located on Hochkogel mountain, about 40 kilometers from the south of Salzburg.

5. Puerto Princesa – Palawan – Philippines

Puerto Princesa Underground River, located about 50 kilometers north of the city of Puerto Princesa on the island of Palawan, is also known for being one of the 7 wonders of the world as well as being on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

4. Mammoth Cave – Kentucky – US

most amazing caves in the world

Mammoth Cave National Park is home to the world’s largest system of caves. The length of these caves, which are connected to each other in the form of a labyrinth, exceeds 600 kilometers. There are still undiscovered points in the system, which cannot be fully investigated.

3. Skocjan Cave – Slovenia


Skocjan Cave, which is described as the biggest underground canyon in the world and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is of great importance in terms of its historical and cultural as well as its aesthetic beauty. The cave is located in the southwest of Slovenia.

2. Waitomo Glowworms Cave – New Zealand

most amazing caves in the world

Most amazing caves in the world . Waitomo Glowworms Cave is illuminated by natural lights even though it does not get sunlight from anywhere and it resembles a sky covered with stars. This brightness forms wingless fireflies waiting to be hunted in the cave.

1. Hang Son Dong Cave – Vietnam

Son Doong is the largest and amazing caves in the world. The cave was discovered by a peasant in 1991 in Vietnam. It is known to have formed 2-5 million years ago. Experts from England came to investigate the cave in 2009. The first tourists came to this cave in 2013, which was astounding.This endless cave, which is as tall as a 40-storey skyscraper can fit, is 200 meters high and 150 meters wide.

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