There are many rules that the royal family, who travel frequently, must follow some rules. The queen does not travel on scheduled flights, but the rest of the royal family travel whenever possible. Depending on the distance and size of the official party, members of the royal family normally travel on private aircraft, such as large fixed-wing aircraft, small fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters.

What are the rules they must follow?

1-) Royal family’s travel have to be short. At first, it is very nice for everyone to visit the country and be entertained, of course, but it is not nice that they stay very short wherever they go.

2-) They take their own drinks with them. We think you have understood our intention from the drink. They take them with them because they can’t go and sit in a bar, and we think there is a possibility of poisoning by someone.

3-) Wherever they go, they must have a pair of black shoes and black clothing with them. The reason for this is that while they are on vacation, someone in their country may die. And on their way back to the UK, they must be in mourning outfits. For example, when Queen Elizabeth was in Kenya, her father was King VI. She had learned that King George was dead, and she did not take black clothing with herself. When she returned to the country, She could not get off the plane until she was brought black clothes. Since then, this has become a mandatory rule.


4-) Queen Elizabeth is forbidden to travel to her without taking anything for jet lag. Now that she is 93 years old, the chances of his health deteriorating because of jet lag are very high. For this reason, She must always have barley sugar with her whenever she gets on a plane.

5-) Royal heirs can not travel together. This is not exactly a Royal protocol, but against a bad accident, two Royal heirs are not getting on the same plane. But Prince William and Kate Middleton violated this rule many times.

6-) They have certain color codes for their suitcases. There is a big yellow label on the Queen’s suitcase that says ‘Queen’, a yellow but unwritten label on Kate Middleton, and red labels on Prince William and Prince Charles.

7-) The royal family spent $ 5.8 million on travels in 2017. Prince Charles won the ‘Most Expensive Royal Family Holiday’ award when he went to Italy, Romania and Austria. He spent 200 thousand dollars on his few days’ vacation.




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