The world is home to places with hot air exceeding 70 degrees, as well as cold temperatures reaching minus 60 degrees. Let’s take a closer look at these places, which are predominantly in the Sahara geography of Africa and are the hottest places on the earth. Here are the 10 hottest places on the earth.

Hottest Places On The Earth TOP10

10. Death Valley – US

Death Valley is located in California United States . The average temperature is 47 degrees.


9.  Al’ Aziziyah -Libya

The average temperature of Libya, Aziziyah, Aziziyah is above 48 degrees. It also happens that the air temperature in the region is up to 58 degrees.

8. Dallol – Ethiopia

hottest places on the earth

Dallol is a hydrothermal land in Ethiopia. The average air temperature never falls below 40 degrees.

7. Wadi Halfa – Sudan

Sudan’s Halfa Valley is another of the hottest places on the Earth . In the Halfa Valley  air temperature is 53 degrees.

6. Dashte Lut – Iran

This is one of the hottest places on the Earth, according to the measurements, Dashte Lut  measured air temperature is 70 degrees!

5. Dead Sea – Israel

Dead Sea one of Israel’s most touristic routes. The air temperature measured is 54 degrees in here

4. Timbuktu – Mali

Timbuktu is one of the most important ancient settlements in Africa.  Timbuktu’s average temperature is 50 degrees.

3. Kebili – Tunisia

Kebili in Tunisia is one of the hottest places on the Earth. The temperature measured in the region is 55 degrees.

2. Ghadames Libya

Ghadames or Ghadamis is an oasis Berber town in the Nalut District of the Tripolitania region in northwestern Libya. Ghadames is in UNESCO World Heritage Site . Also Place has an air temperature of 55 degrees.

1.  Bandar Shah – Iran

Bandr Shah is the hottest place is on the earth . Bandr Shah is located in South of Iran . the highest temperature measured  74 degrees in this place . This is the world record.


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