Havana is a Cuban city that has been shining recently. There are many beautiful sightseeing places. Places to visit in Cuba Havana stand out not only with historical but also natural beauties. This place, which is a page from a history book, is full of details worth exploring. When to go to Cuba Havana, how to get there, what to buy from Havana and where to stay in Cuba Havana, all the details are in our news.

places to visit cuba havana

Havana is the capital of Cuba and the most beautiful city to visit. His recent appearance is about opening up Cuba a little more. It seems that the closeness to the country is somewhat exceeded. The fact that it allows access to the internet in the designated places may be a proof of this. Places to visit in Havana are very curious in this regard. When everyone who travels abroad chooses Cuba, they are wondering where to go in Havana, what to eat in Cuba Havana, when to go to Cuba Havana, how to go to Cuba Havana.

1- Vieja Cuba Havana

Old Havana is located where everyone is curious about places to visit. This is the face of Havana when it was first discovered. The houses and streets from that period feel like you are opening the cover of a history book. Havana is known for its streets and houses dating back centuries rather than its natural beauty and historical buildings.

Our advice to all our readers, always keep your camera on while exploring. The streets and the people living here will offer you squares that you cannot see anywhere. Old Havana is full of colorful buildings. These buildings, whose architectures are from the colonial period, become symbols that adorn everyone’s photographs.


These streets, which entered UNESCO’s cultural heritage list in 1982, are under protection. Lush squares accompany the neo-classical houses of the Spanish period in Old Havana.

2- Plaza de la Revolucion

This is where Fidel Castro spoke on the day he gained independence. Here, Fidel Castro called out to the crowd and from here announced the independence of Cuba to the whole world. There is no monument, statue or place for Fidel Castro in Cuba today. However, Fidel Castro’s companions have monuments in Revolution Square today. It is definitely an activity that the incoming tourists take this place and take pictures with these monuments.

3- Plaza de la Catedral 

The square where the San Cristobal church is located is a place full of historical monuments. Here are all examples of old architectural structures. There are countless historical buildings left before the revolution. The church architect built this historical work in baroque style and dedicated it to Christopher Columbus.

4- Cuba Havana – Plaza de Armas

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Havana is this Armas Square. There are also stalls selling second hand books here. Ancient antiques and newspapers are also among the materials you can find here. This excursion point includes El Templee, an ancient temple. Havana City Museum is also a place to visit. You should definitely stop by on your trip to Cuba.

5- Cuba Havana – Plaza Vieja

One of Havana’s most beautiful squares in Cuba, which is full of squares, is Vieja. This place has colorful houses and old architecture like other squares. On a long and tiring Havana trip, you can rest well in the squares like this and sit in front of the historical buildings.

6- Cuba Havana – Malecon

Here is the airy cord length of this beautiful Havana. This place is very crowded in the evening. Everybody wanders here, soaking Havana’s clean air. Those who walk along this promenade are those who spend time with music and have fun in the evening. This is the most popular meeting point for locals. There is a wave breaking along the coastline.

7- Cuba Havana – El Capitolio

This historical building, which is almost a copy of the White House in Washington, was built during the domination of the Americans. This building, where the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the National Technology Library is located, is definitely a must-see. Today, the building is under renovation. When its restoration is over, it is said that it may be a parliament building.

8- Cuba Havana – Paseo de Marti Street

Since Prado Street is closed to vehicles, everyone can easily walk here. A very good sightseeing spot for pedestrians. You can sit at banks in Prado Street and have a good time under green trees. It’s a good place to escape the heat. The end of the street leads to the sea. You can travel to the colorful houses of Havana with the arms on the right and left. You can also closely watch the life of the people in the side streets.

9- Cuba Havana – Museo de la Revolucion

For anyone who wants to learn about Cuba’s revolution process and history closely, this is a place worth visiting. The place, which was the presidential residence, was later changed to the Revolution museum. There is also a Granma boat that carries the revolutionary people inside the museum.

10- Cuba Havana – El Morro Castle

Here is the defense base of Havana. This place was used as a place to examine and monitor the pirates’ attacks. Cuba, which has fertile lands, has always been under attack. That’s why El Moro Castle was built here. This castle was built between 1589 and 1610. There are many beautiful places to visit in the castle. Also, an underwater archaeological museum is located deep within this castle. When you go, you can watch a beautiful Havana view and visit the underwater archeology museum.

11- La Cabana Castle

La Cabana castle, located south of El Morro Castle, is also a place worth seeing. This place, which was used as a prison during the time of Batista, was taken over by Che during the revolution. This castle has already been the administrative point of the revolution. There is a nice restaurant around the castle where you can have dinner.

12- Cuba Havana – Forest

Havana sea and colorful houses and cars fascinate everyone, but there are also lush forest areas inside this beautiful city. The places that look like forests without this ax are a point where tourists go and love with its air. There are also undiscovered caves in these rivers flowing forests. The discovery of caves whose entrance is covered with vegetation is not a very distant time. Vinyales is one of these forest areas and the most beautiful Cuban landscapes are also located here


Temperatures are 22 degrees in January and February. The highest temperatures rarely rise above 28 degrees in August in Havana. Since it is located near the Gulf of Mexico, the tropical climate prevails here. It doesn’t have very cold days here. The best time to go to Havana can always be said. A very nice weather will welcome you at any time of the year.


It is useful to stay in the best place to spend your trip to Havana in the best way. For this, you can stay here in houses that were previously owned by the Spanish rich but now operated as a hotel by the public. You can spend a day in touch with history and also examine the architecture of these houses. If you arrange a hotel two or three months before your trip, you can pay a more affordable fee.


Since Havana has a socialist understanding of the state, there are very few things that will lead people to spend money. So there are not so many places where you can buy souvenirs. You can see several places between the streets and on the street. Here you can buy hand made products from the Cuban people. There are also paintings of old colored cars, the symbol of Cuba. These are the best gifts to buy.






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