Cienfuegos in Cuba is a city that fascinates everyone with its landscapes and historical buildings. Its quiet and calm structure is another part of this city that attracts tourists. People who limit their travel to Havana mostly on Cuba do not know the places to visit Cienfuegos in Cuba . However, this place is not as crowded as Havana and there are many beautiful places to see.

Cienfuegos in Cuba is a city that doesn’t make much name. It is a place where you can see the Cuban culture until the end. This city, located in the south of Cuba, was taken under the protection of UNESCO in 2005 as well. Cienfuegos city, which fascinates everyone with its colorful buildings, has French architecture.

In the 1860s, it became the most important economy city of Cuba. Today, it continues to make a name for itself by making a small contribution to tourism. It is also the most beautiful port city of Cuba. At the same time, Cienfuegos is the city with the most fertile lands of Cuba.

Palacio De Valle- Cienfuegos in Cuba

This is a rare historical building that reflects French architecture very well. Located on the beach in Punta Gorda, this building is an architectural gem. This historical building, which is regarded as a national heritage monument, started to be built in 1913 and was completed in 1917. The ceramics of this building, which was brought from Italy with clotted stones, were also brought from Granada. Valle Palace, which has 8 bathrooms, many balconies and terraces, has 3 towers influenced by gothic novel, Indian and Morocco.

Cienfuegos Boulevard

This is the longest boulevard in Cuba. There are beautiful historical buildings here. You can inspire yourself in many subjects by visiting colorful historical buildings. You can discover very good sightseeing spots just on foot.

Palacio Ferrer – Cienfuegos in Cuba

You can go to the dome of the blue building, where you can take beautiful pictures of the historical building decorated with different patterns. You can not see a very good view from here, but it will be a good experience to see the historical building. In 1918, architect Donato Pablo Carbonell designed this structure. Today, it is a place where tourists visit to take photos.

Teatro Tomas Terry – Cienfiegos Cuba

This building, which has an Italian architectural feature, is a structure you should definitely see in Cienfuegos city. The building, which was included in the national monument list in 1978, was deemed worthy of the protection award in 2008. You can enter this historical building by paying 2 CUC. In this place where you will see that it has a different architecture from outside, very nice details are waiting for you inside.

Where is Cienfuegos?

It is a Cuban city located in the north of the Caribbean Sea. It is also in the south of Cuba. This city also has the nickname of the pearl of the south. Its distance to Havana is 250 kilometers. The city, which has a population of over 160 thousand, is a quieter and calm place compared to other cities.

How To Get To Cienfuegos?

You can get here by taking the buses from Havana to Trinidad. The journey takes approximately 4.5 hours. You need to go to the Viazul bus station to buy a ticket. However, it is useful to buy your ticket a few days in advance for your travels here. You may have trouble finding a ticket when you leave it to the last day.

When to go to Cienfuegos?

Between the months of November and April, a period without precipitation occurs. Those who will travel can make their travels in this period. Between August and October, a hurricane incident can be seen. In Cuba, which has a tropical climate, the air temperatures are high throughout the year.

Transportation in Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos is a very small city. There is a very regular transportation network. You can visit everywhere on foot. Since the city is small, you will not need to use a transportation vehicle here. However, if you want to get tired and ride a car, you can take a ride in horse-drawn carriages. You can travel the whole city faster by paying around 10 or 15 CUC to the cart.

How many days is enough for a trip to Cienfuegos?

If you have time for this city, you can spend two days if you want to travel comfortably. So you can visit the streets and sights of the whole city. If you have time, you can spend more time exploring Cienfuegos.









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