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Isn’t everyone’s right to have a cheap holiday abroad? Getting under a thousand-dollar expense can tire you. However, because some resorts stand out with their cheapness, they are among the places you can choose. Finding cheap resorts is not that difficult. In which country, how much money can be holidayed, there are many places.

We have brought together the cheapest holiday regions in the world to contribute to you and to obtain information. In the content, you can find the cheapest resorts and countries. eHolidayAdvisor prepared the cheap holiday destinations and countries.

Cheapest Holiday Destinations In The World


cheapest holiday in the world

Nepal is one of the places where you can have the cheapest holiday in the world. The reason for this is that the city, which was cheaper after the earthquake in the Capital Kathmandu, became cheaper in order to attract tourists. There are people living in the country for 3-4 dollars. On the other hand, tourists have the opportunity to do whatever they want in a day for an average of 25 dollars.


One of the indispensable countries on our list of cheapest holiday countries is India. The reason for the cheapness of India is that its population is more than 1.3 billion and because of this situation, the working people pass to 2-3 dollars. In this case, it enables the incoming tourist to spend a little money and have a holiday in India. The money that will come out of the pocket of the tourists going to India is 20-25 dollars per day.


cheapest holiday destinations

You can spend one of your cheapest holidays in this country, which has one of the largest temple areas in the world. You can visit all the natural beauties of Cambodia and participate in various events for 30 dollars a day.


cheap hotel dealls

Nowadays quite well one of the most beautiful and visited the Balkan country, which is one of the cheapest cities in Albania . One of the most beautiful countries of the Balkans. You can spend your holiday in Albania for an average of 35 dollars per day.

Sri Lanka

cheapest holiday routes

In this part of our article, we present you Sri Lanka, which is one of the cheapest holiday destinations in the world and also on the island. In this country, you can be sure that you will spend very little money while having a cheap holiday. Here, as in many countries, you can spend your holiday on average 25-30 dollars per day.


best holiday destinations

Bali, located in Indonesia, is perhaps one of the most beautiful places you can see in the world. It is also a place where you can have a cheap holiday among the countries in the world. If you think that you will have a very nice holiday for a very little money… Here, Bali, Indonesia, is preferred among the cheapest holiday destinations. If you are looking for a cheap holiday place, you can make a very nice holiday for 35 dollars a day.

Dominic Republic

cheapest holiday destinations

Dominican Republic, which is one of the cheapest holiday destinations, offers opportunities for wildlife exploration with its white beaches, blue waters, palm trees and unique scenery. Dominican Republic, which offers a suitable nature for rafting and hiking, will make you happy with Spanish and Artdeco architecture. We definitely recommend you to attend the sumptuous carnivals organized in the capital Santo Domingo twice a year.

Prague – Czech Republic

Prague, which welcomes many tourists with its food and beverage prices, cheap hotel prices. You will not pay for public transport, as you will only visit buildings, many of which are from the previous millennium, on foot.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

cheapest holiday destinations

The hotels here starts from 11 dollars. You will love to visit the architectural and historical monuments with its magnificent coast. Dubrovnik, which is considered a world heritage site by UNESCO, is an incredible paradise.

Costa Rica

Being one of the cheapest holiday destinations in the world, Costa Rica is one of the countries preferred by many people because of its sea and nature view. The hotel, food and entertainment venues are in Costa Rica, which is cheaper than many countries, so you will have money in your pocket in a financial sense and you will spend this time in a cheap holiday country .


cheap holiday destinations

Ukraine, where you can take nature walks and have cheap food and drinks, is one of the places frequented by cheap holiday lovers. Ukraine, regardless of summer and winter months, continues to be one of the places frequented by holidaymakers.

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