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Things to do in Rome ? Rome, the capital of Italy, attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world. The source of this attraction is, of course, the Roman Empire that has ruled the world for a long time in history and its heritage, breathtaking works of art belonging to the Vatican, Renaissance, Gothic, Rococo and Baroque periods, and its fame spread throughout the world. Although it is not a Milan, I can say that it is the unshakable place in the city’s fashion industry.

Explore The Historic Streets of Rome.

streets of rome

The historical sites of Rome are actually as small as walking. You can even walk between the two most distant points in this triangle, where the Coliseum, Campe de Fiori and the Vatican corners form, in no more than half an hour. So if you are going to Rome for the first time, set aside certain points first.

Visit The Colosseum


If there was only one place in Rome to say “do not return without seeing” in What to Do, this would be the Colosseum. Rome is very rich in historical buildings. The city, which competes with Istanbul alone, in quantity and quality, can be visited even to visit them.

Visit The Museums

vatican museums

In the city, which has the most elegant examples of Renaissance and Baroque art, the works of masters such as Bellini, Caravaggio, Boticelli, Raphael, Bartolomeo, Donatelli, Bernini, Michaelangelo and Da Vinci are abundant. eHolidayAdvisor recommends you to add the museums in the list things to do in Rome . 


If you like opera, I would definitely recommend adding this place to your list of things to do in Rome. The ideal address for this is Teatro dell ‘Opera di Roma. By purchasing your ticket online in advance, you also avoid the risk of not finding tickets in important representations.

Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain

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Probably the most famous fountain in the world, Trevi is a mixture of Classical and Baroque architecture and a point visited by every tourist things to do in Rome. There are various narrations about the fountain . While some say that lovers who wish to go here will never leave, others claim that the person who throws money in the pool and wishes will definitely come to Rome again.

I think you can also make a wish of your own, just turn your back to the fountain, make a wish while throwing the money you hold with your right hand in the pool over your left shoulder.

Rest for a few hours by drinking coffee or wine.

itallian wine

You will pass your way through most of the squares called Piazza in Italian. I recommend you to stop by to those who do not pass.

Places that you should definitely see with its unusual atmosphere that combines rows of rows of restaurants around the square, painters performing their art, musicians that you can sometimes see at sunset, sculptures and classical Italian aesthetics with a crowd of tourists.

Visit The Vatican

places to visit in vatican

The most important place in the list of things to do in Rome is the Vatican. This place is the official residence of the Papacy, It hosts thousands of works of art in numerous temples and chapels, especially in the Pietro Basilica. Apart from the San Pietro Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Holy Angel Castle, the Apostolic Palace, the Vatican Gardens and the Necropolis are among the things you can see in the Vatican.

Visit The Testevere

things to do in rome

When you cross the west of the Tiber River,you are in the Trastevere Region. where all the touristic activities of Rome take place. The city’s somewhat advanced accommodation location, Trastevere, has a more bohemian atmosphere and is full of boutiques rich in wine, cheese, jewelry or jewelry, handcrafted decoration items or souvenirs.

Visit The Cinecitta

things to do in rome

Do you like Italian cinema? Whatever your personal opinion is, a culture mentioned in the world is Italian Cinema. It is place that eHolidayAdvisor highly recommend you to add this places in the list of things to do in Rome.

If America has Hollywood and India has Bollywood, Italy also has Cinecitta. You can visit Cinecitta, where cult films such as La Dolce Vita, Cleopatra, Roman Holiday are shot, scenes, decorations, costumes and many other details about the cinema industry, as well as take part in guided tours.

Taste the flavors that Italian Cuisine presents to the world.

places to visit in rome

Yes we can eat these delicacies every day in our homelands. However, tasting in its homeland is completely different. After eating pizza in Rome, you might even say, “Actually, I never had pizza.”

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