It is one of the most important historical and touristic places of the India region, which is the country of South Asia. eHolidayAdvisor compiled the places to visit in India for our readers.

India is the largest state in South Asia. 3,288,000 square kilometers of land makes India the seventh largest land on earth, and its population of approximately 1 billion 300 million makes it the second largest country after the People’s Republic of China. It is called as a complete mosaic of culture, which contains dozens of religions and races together. Its deep-rooted history and geographical structure have increased the historical and touristic places of India. India has many religious structures, historical places such as castles, towers and natural beauties. Here are the places to visit  in India

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In India

Taj Mahal

places to visit in india

Taj Mahal was designed by Mehmet Ismail and Mehmet Isa Efendi, students of Mimar Sinan, one of the greatest architects of the Ottoman Empire. Completed in 1552, where the Mughal and Persian Architecture was applied, the magnificent work was decorated with dozens of precious stones such as rubies and emeralds. Taj Mahal, which has 4 minarets made of white marble, has a height of 73 meters. It has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1983. In fact, it was accepted as one of the “7 New Wonders of the World” in 2007.

You should definitely add this rare building in the city of Agra to your list of places to visit in India.

Qutub Minar

places to see in india

Qutub Minar, located in the capital New Delhi, is a symbol of victory created by the Gurlu conquest of the region in the 13th century. Considered as the peak building of Islamic architecture in the region, the building has a height of about 73 meters. Kutub Minar, which achieved the title of the highest structure in the country during its creation, becomes thinner as it rises from the ground. It has 5 floors and has 4 cheers. It was included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1993. It is world famous as one of the beauties of India.

Amer Fort

Also known as Amber Palace or Amber Castle, the building is located in the Jaipur center of the country’s Rajasthan Province. The palace overlooking Lake Maota is one of India’s top tourist destinations. Amer Fort, the construction of which started in 1550, was completed and opened in 1592. With its wide walls, excellent gates and cobblestone roads, it creates a wonderful ambiance. The palace, made of red sandstone and marble, was used as the residence of Rajput Maharajas and his family. The building, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is in the sights of India.

Humayun’s Tomb

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It is one of the spiritual structures from the Mughal State in India. Due to the death of the Mughal king Humayun, it is a work created at the request of his wife Bega Begum. One of the unique examples of Mughal architecture, the mausoleum was designed by Persian architect Mirak Mirza Ghiyath between 1565 and 1572. Its gardens, pools, walls made of marble and colored sandstone decorations are eye-catching. The capital city New Delhi is located on the Nizamuddin District of Mathura Road. Do not forget to visit the Humayun Tomb on your trip to India.

Harmandir Sahib

places to visit in india

The building located in Amritsar, Punjab State of the country, is translated into our language as ‘Golden Temple’. The temple, which belongs to the belief in Sikhism, is also called the ‘Temple of God’ within the people. The holy structure designed by architect Guru Dam Ras causes the city to be referred to as the ‘Guru City’ from time to time. One of the most beautiful examples of Indian architecture, the 3-storey temple was completed between 1574 and 1604. There is also an artificial lake surrounding the temple. The temple, one of the historical places of India, is located on the Golden Temple Road.

The Red Fort

The castle, where the ceremonies of the government were held and political decisions were taken, was built in 1648 by the 5th Emperor of the Mughal, Shah Cihan. The castle, which reflects the Islamic prototype, shows the architectural features of the Mongolian structures reflecting the fusion of Timur and Persian traditions. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2007. Red Castle, whose gardens are designed perfectly, is currently operating as a museum. It is one of the most important places to visit in India


places to visit in india

The building, sometimes referred to as Swaminarayan Akshardham, is a spiritual and cultural complex of the Hindu faith in the capital New Delhi. The campus-style spiritual structure created by blending Hindu and Indian culture is important as one of the largest Hindu temples in the country. Released as a result of donations of approximately 7 thousand tradesmen and voluntary work of 3 thousand workers, the religious structure was opened in late 2005.

City Palace Jaipur

city palace jaipur

Chandra Mahal is a palace complex located in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan Province, which includes Mubarak Mahal and other buildings. Jaipur’s Palace, used as the residence of the Kachwaha Rajput clan, was created between 1729 and 1732. Chandra Mahal Palace is a royal palace currently serving as a home museum. The palace complex, consisting of the synthesis of Babür, Rajput, Indian and European architectural styles, fascinates its visitors with its magnificent courtyards and gardens. Jaipur City Palace should be in the first places of places to visit in India.

Gateway Of India

gateway of india

It is a monument located on the shore of the Arabian Sea in the Apollo Bunder region of Mumbai (Bombay), the capital of the country’s State of Maharashtra. The India City Gate was designed by George Wittet at the time of the British rule and was completed in 1924. The 26-meter-high building was later used as a landing site for the British Governor of the region and other important figures. The symbol structure, which is currently increasing its popularity among places to visit in India, conquers the hearts of millions of visitors every year.

India Gate

places to visit in india

The Indian Gate is a war monument built for 82 thousand Indian soldiers who died in Mesopotamia, Iran, East Africa and Gallipoli in World War I. Located in the capital New Delhi Rajpath region, the building sheds light on the country’s recent past. The names of some British officers and soldiers are written on the building, 13 thousand soldiers. The Indian Gate, which evokes the architectural style of structures such as Arch of Constantine and afer Jewelry, was designed by British architect Edwin Lutyens. Opened in 1931, the monument has a height of 42 meters and is among the famous places to see in India.

Lodi Gardens

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This is a popular public parking area located in New Delhi. In the park, which covers an area of ​​360 thousand square meters, there is also the tomb of Muhammed Şah. The history of the park dates back to the 15th century vaults. Lodi Gardens, which includes historical architectural structures, many different types of trees and flowers, are among the beauties of India. If you want to take a comfortable breath in India, this mystical environment is for you.

Nathu La

nathu la

This is a mountain pass in the Himalayas, within the borders of India. Located at the point connecting India’s Sikkim Province and China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, Nathu La is one of the places to visit in India with its summit reaching 4.310 meters. The passage, which has gained an important position as a result of commercial agreements between the regions, also has a positive effect on the tourism of the countries.

Jal Mahal

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It is a unique palace built in Man Sagar Lake in the city of Jaipur. Covering an area of ​​120 hectares, the building was designed by the famous architect Sawai Pratap Singh in the 18th century. The structure, which opens the lake with a boat and gets closer to it, fascinates with each rowing, and dazzles with its excellent rooms and corridors. Jal Mahal, which creates amazing images in rich vegetation, fish and bird species, must be included in your list of places to visit in India.

Sundarbans National Park

The region is the most important habitat of the Bengal Tiger, which faces endangered extinction. Besides thousands of plant varieties, there are hundreds of bird species, pythons, and saltwater crocodile species.

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Elephanta Caves

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touristic caves on Elephanta Island, one of the islands in the eastern part of Mumbai’s Port of India. The region is also known by names such as ‘cave location’, ‘Pory Island’ and Gharapuri Island. Elephanta Caves, consisting of carved cave temples, contain many historical sculptures and other artifacts. There are also shops selling souvenirs in the region. When visiting these caves on a trip to India, don’t forget to buy souvenirs from the small businesses around.


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