Where to stay in Las Vegas? What are the best Las Vegas Hotels ? Las Vegas is a metropolis with a population of nearly 2 million. It is even an extraordinary, lively, fun and entertainment metropolis. Apart from being the only state where Nevada is the only state where gambling is legal in the USA, night life is also famous as a side branch of it. However, Las Vegas is not limited to this.

In the article of best Las Vegas hotels, I will tell you about the different parts of this glittering city suitable for accommodation, where and what you can find, and then hotel alternatives.

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1 . Downtown

where to stay in Las Vegas ?

Downtown / City Center, located around Fremont Street, is also known as old Vegas. Before I talk about it, The Strip District became the center of the city before it became so popular.

2. Henderson

Henderson, the small city in the southeast of Las Vegas, is the home of those who work in Las Vegas but don’t want to live there. While the region where Ethel Chocolate Factory, Cactus Garden and Las Vegas Lake were located was an industrial city, today it has a completely different spirit.

3. North Las Vegas

The most important feature of the region is that it has Nellis Air Base, and in this part of the city, mostly people working in the army and their families live. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway complex, which hosts NASCAR races, is one of the major tourist attractions here.

The options offered in terms of accommodation are more affordable than The Strip and Downtown.

4. Summerlin

Located at the foot of the Spring Mountains in the west of Las Vegas, Summerlin consists of small villages where the locals live. There are more than 40 walking routes, parks and golf clubs in the region.

Therefore, travelers who do not want to get involved in the confusion of The Strip and Downtown, who are fond of outdoor activities, do not need to think more about where to stay in Las Vegas.

5. The Strip

The Strip is the only address for those who go to Las Vegas to experience all the extraordinary experiences the city has to offer. Hundreds of different concept hotels and casinos, night clubs and adult shows are located in this region. Consequently, the price of everything in this region, including accommodation, is much higher than in other regions. The famous proverb “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” is said for this place.

6. West Strip

After a few street westerns of The Strip, the texture of the city begins to change. The West Strip District, where businesses, offices, homes, local restaurants and smaller casinos are located, is very close to The Strip and answers the question of where to stay in Las Vegas for those who are looking for more affordable accommodation and eating and drinking alternatives. Since the customers of the casinos located here are predominantly locals of the city, the atmosphere is also different.


Best  Las Vegas Hotels

Hotel prices are not too low as you can imagine in Las Vegas, the city of sins. Moreover, the options in the concept of a boutique hotel in the city do not count much.

4★ Treasure Island Hotel & Casino

Best  Las Vegas Hotels

Fashion Show Mall and LINQ Promonade are just a few minutes walk from the hotel, and The LINQ monorail stop is 600 meters away. I recommend Treasure Island Hotel & Casino to those who prefer to stay in the heart of The Strip, and its price is more affordable compared to other 4 and 5 star hotels in the region.

4★ The LINQ Hotel & Casino

Best  Las Vegas Hotels

With its swimming pool, massage and SPA salon, fitness center, 3 restaurants, bars and casino facilities, The LINQ is an extremely stylish and comfortable option for those who think best Las Vegas hotels . The modern decoration of the hotel is extremely simple and stylish.

4★ Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The hotel, which is a mini copy of Paris with its decoration, attractions, restaurants and bars, is also in the middle of The Strip.

Although the prices of the facility, which includes 11 restaurants, 5 bars, fitness center, SPA and swimming pool, are slightly higher than other 4-star options in the region, the answer to the question of best Las Vegas hotels for those who want to spend a comfortable, fun and exclusive time in the city.

4★ Wyndham Desert Blue

With a peaceful and enjoyable garden, swimming pool, fitness center and SPA center, Wyndham Desert Blue is close to the paradise of the casinos The Strip, but it should be the choice of those who want to stay in a calm environment.

The Valley View bus stop is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, which is 1 km from the city center and The Strip.

5★ Red Rock Casino Resort Spa

Best  Las Vegas Hotels

Located in the city’s exclusive residence Summerlin, Red Rock Casino Resort Spa offers all kinds of entertainment you can find in Las Vegas alone.

You can experience all the fun of the city under one roof, from the casino to the restaurants, from the garden and the pool to the fitness center. Of course if you want. If you want, you can drive to the city center or The Strip in 15 minutes.

I have tried to provide information about accommodation in Las Vegas, various recommendations about the regions, and best Las Vegas hotel recommendations for every budget, along with the content of where to stay in Las Vegas.

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