best beaches in the world

What are the regions that have the best beaches in the world? Here are the best coastal regions in the world that everyone should see at least once.

Especially in the summer, beach tourism is increasing considerably. Millions of people flock to the coastal areas in different parts of the world where they can enjoy  the sea , the sun and have a nice holiday. As a result of the evaluations made every year, the best coastal regions of the world are listed and published. According to the evaluations made, best beaches in the world  listed as follows.

10. Olu Deniz

One of the best beach in the world Olu Deniz welcoming hundreds thousands of tourists every year with its virgin bays and natural beauties, the region is also preferred for its calm and clear waters.

9. Whitehaven Beaches

best beaches in the world

Whitehaven, Australia’s longest and most beautiful beach, has a magnificent view where the forest and the beach are intertwined. The beach is about 18 km long and there is not even the tiniest stone on the white beach except for the footsteps of the walkers. The sea offers ideal opportunities for all kinds of activities.

8. Palm Beach

best beaches in the world

Palm Beach is the beach of the island of Aruba in the Caribbean sea, you encounter an extraordinarily beautiful beach and a sea with every shade of blue.

7. Tikehau Island

best beaches in the world

One of the beast beaches in the world is Tikehau Island, which is the favorite of foreign tourists with its pink beaches, turquoise and clear sea, welcomes its guests in the houses above the sea.

6. Treasure Beach

Famous for its smooth white beach and clean sea at around 5 km, Treasure beach attracts many tourists with its rare sea creatures.

5. Reduit Beach

best beaches in the world

Reduit is one of the famous beaches of St. Lucia island one of the best beaches in the  world, is one of the first frequent destinations for surf lovers besides its magnificent sea and beach.

4. El Nido

El Nido is a town on the island of Palawan of the Philippines, which is considered one of the best islands in the world, and has amazing beaches. Besides the extraordinary beauty of the beach, there is a magnificent sea and reefs. The island hosts many guests, especially for underwater photography.

3. Maldives

best beaches in the world

Maldives, which is located in the Indian Ocean and has an endless deep blue sea and white fine sand, is at the top of the list with the number of tourists visiting. 86 islands belonging to the country are designed and equipped as hotels for tourists. All kinds of water related activities can be carried out here.

2. Bora Bora

Bora Bora, the most famous island in the South Pacific, among the World’s Clearest Water Places, is one of the leading tourism centers in French Polynesia. The island has rare beauties that everyone in the world should see at least once. The bungalow houses on the island, which has a magnificent coast and turquoise waters, also offer great accommodation. Since water is a way of life on the island, numerous activities such as snorkelling, diving, cruising, fishing, boating surfing, kite surfing, Jet Skiing and shark feeding can be performed among popular lagoon tours

1. Linapacan Islands

best beaches in the world

The waters of the island of Linapacan have been selected as the cleanest water in the world. Alse one of the best beaches in the world . The island has white sands and the crystal waters surrounding it. Activities on the island, which also has a magnificent nature, include snorkelling, diving and underwater photography. Linapacan island is the ideal shelter for those who want to enjoy its tranquility. especially the virgin appearance of underwater life fascinates the guests who come to the island.

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