cheapest countries to live

Traveling or saving money? This is a difficult decision. But why do we have to choose between the two? Why can’t we both travel and save money? Would you like to live like kings by spending a small amount of money a month? Then it’s time to look at the tickets. Here are the most comfortable and cheap countries to live in the world.

10. Ukraine

This country, whose capital is Kiev, is among the countries known for its cheapness and entertainment life. In Ukraine, food, alcohol, night life and accommodation are very cheap.  Here you can stay for $ 4 in a beautiful place. Urban transportation is as cheap as 0.20 cent. You can eat a nice meal for 5-6 dollars.

9. Montenegro

cheap countries to live

Montenegro is definitely a place to visit and see, also one of the cheapest place to live. Why do we say that? Despite being located in Europe, Montenegro is an incredibly cheap country. Would you like to live in Montenegro, where accommodation, eating and drinking are very cheap? Is there anyone among you who has gone to this cheap country before?

8. Romania

cheap countries to live

The low hikes and tax cuts of the Romanian state have a feature that increases the movement within the country. This situation enables the job opportunities to increase both for the citizens of the country and for immigrants. As a result, life in the country is very cheap. You can spend a maximum of $ 500 per month in this country.

7. Philippines

Clean azure waters, golden sands, singing birds and tropical forests. Did all this attract you? Then we invite you to the Philippines. Here you will be able to save your money while enjoying the Sun. Philippines is very cheap place to live. So much so that you can spend only 600 dollars for an entire month and live like kings. It is also worth noting that you can not live this money in countries like America for a week.

6. Maurituis

The paradise of South Africa. Mauritius is a tropical shrine with beautiful beaches, translucent azure waters, unbelievable sunsets. The summers reach a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius in this beautiful country, which is not overwhelming in climate and temperature. Mark Twain, on the other hand, said, ‘If God created heaven, he certainly took the example of Maurituis.’ He expresses his admiration to the country. If you think that such a beautiful place will be expensive, you are wrong. Because you cannot spend more than $ 500 a month in Maurituis.

5. Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the cheap countries to live . You can live an average of $ 400-500 per month. If you think you will live such a cheap quality life, you are wrong. You can live in a good house and eat in good restaurants and consume the best quality drinks.

4. Sri Lanka

cheap countries to live

The island country Sri Lanka is also quite cheap to live like kings. In Sri Lanka, which has a permanent place in the ranking of the country with the cheapest life, 25-30 dollars is enough as an estimated budget per day. Just think that you can live like kings for $ 750 a month. It would be great, isn’t it? You can stay for 6 dollars a day in a good hotel . Food prices also vary between $ 4-6.

3. Peru

cheap countries to live

Did you know that hummingbirds and penguins live in Peru? If you are not interested in interesting bird species, you will definitely want to visit the ancient city of Inca.You can also surf. The cost of all this is cheaper than water. In Peru, where you will never get bored, the price of staying in a double room is only 200 dollars per month. Eating at the restaurant costs between $ 2 and $ 15 on average. 

2. Georgia

While sunbathing on hot beaches on one side in Georgia, you can ski the mountain the other side , visit historical sites and eat delicious food. In addition to spending less on these natural beauties, the holiday becomes incredible. So how much will this cheap holiday cost? First, the average daily budget in Georgia is $ 30 the average rental rate of house is 150 dollars per month. If you have a dream of living abroad, you can choose Georgia, which is one of the cheap countries to live .

1. Vietnam

cheapest countries to live

One of the most attractive Southeast Asian countries is the undisputed Vietnam. It is also one of the cheapest countries to live in. Vietnam, which is a modern country today, is a very safe country. Vietnam is a must-see country with its unspoilt beaches, lukewarm waters, near-perfect service approach and numerous landmarks. If you like discovering new cuisines and cultures, Vietnam is for you. In Vietnam, where transportation, accommodation and food are very cheap, the average price of eating delicious meals in a luxurious place is only 5 dollars. One-month accommodation costs between $ 200 and $ 350. Vietnam is calling you with its cheapness, nature and entertainment.

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