London is a big, even a very big city. As we said while visiting most of the cities of Europe, this is not a city where you can say “Let’s get out of the hotel, we find the center of the city by walking”. And, like most cities in Europe, tourist attractions are not trapped in a small part of the city. In short, when we say “Places to visit in London”, we come across a very crowded list.

Top 20 Places To Visit In London

River Thames

london river thames

The River Thames and the surrounding structures are at the top of the list of places to visit in London. I think one of the things that should be done to see the most important structures of the city at once is a river tour. On boat tours with a minimum duration of half an hour, you will see important buildings such as Big Ben, the House of Parliament and Palace of Westminster. If you have time, you can buy tickets for 1, 2 or even 4-hour tours online or from Westminster pier or Tower Bridge.

Palace of Westminster

westminster palace

Another of London’s landmarks is the Westminster Palace, the House of Parliament, the Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben clock tower, are part of the gothically designed complex of magnificent buildings. At the head of the buildings in the Westminster palace are the lord’s cabin, the house of the council.

Big Ben

big ben london

Big Ben is one of the structures that are never missing from the list of places to visit in London. One of England’s worldwide symbols is the 106-meter Big Ben clock tower on the banks of the River Thames.

Westminster Abbey

westminster abbey

This is the church where the wedding of the most media members of the British Kingdom, Prince William and Kate Middleton, has been minted. The church, which hosts not only weddings but also coronation ceremonies, also has a section with monumental tombs. The Westminster Cathedral, with the tombs of royal family members and famous scientists such as Newton and Darwin, is the largest Catholic church in the UK and its entrance is free.

London Eye

places to visit in london

It is a different pleasure to see London from above. It may be a good idea to examine everything from above, especially before visiting the city, or to look at everything from above for the last time just before you say goodbye to the city. London Eye is one of the most important attractions in London

Shakespeare’s Globe

places to visit in london

The Shakespeare theater, built in 1599 and featuring Shakespeare plays in London, was destroyed in a fire in 1613 and rebuilt in 1997, adhering to the original. This open-air theater right next to the river, which is very close to the London Eye, feels imitation, even though it has been tried to adhere to its original.

Tower Bridge

tower bridge

This is the famous London Bridge that has been standing firmly with its magnificent towers since 1894. This bridge has a mechanism to lift the road during the passage of large ships. Even walking on the bridge is paid, but walking on the bridge is not necessary because there are other bridges very close to this bridge that you can use for crossing.

Tower of London

tower of london

This tower, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list, has a thousand years of experience. This structure, which previously served as a prison, torture and place of execution, is famous for being used as a treasure where the Royal Family stores its jewels.

Buckingham Palace

buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace, where royal members reside, is also open to the public. Due to the presence of the Queen’s office and the offices of those who carry out first-order administrative affairs, this place is both a home and an administrative center. All major royal ceremonies, appointments, official ceremonies and invitations are held here.

Hyde Park

hyde park places to visit in london

When it comes to London attractions, Hyde Park comes to mind.  London is a city of parks. Hyde Park, on the other hand, is a special place since it is the largest of the 4 parks in the region, it is located in the heart of London and it is one of the Royal parks. And, of course, one of the largest parks in the world.

Portobello Road & Notting Hill

“Notting Hill”, the movie of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, is a very enjoyable neighborhood that has become popular after years in this neighborhood and has not lost its charm for years. Portobello street is the street where the market in the movie is located. This is seriously “places to visit”. Do not go without adding to the list of places to visit in London.

Camden Town

camden town

If you take the black metro line Northern Line and get off at Camden Town stop, you can easily reach this fidgety neighborhood. You may encounter unusual items such as party costumes and erotic toys here. In addition, the stands, where many world cuisines are served, where you can taste street flavors on the weekends, add vitality to the environment.

Oxford Street

oxford circus

Oxford Street, the longest street in London, is also the longest shopping street in Europe. It is a long street with Piccadily Circus on the other end, surrounded by endless shops at the intersection of Oxford Square and Hyde Park, Bond Street and Regent Street.


places to visit in london

Although Soho is used as the name of many restaurants, it is also the name of the restaurants area in London and the center of nightlife. Here, you can meet countless stylish restaurants and night clubs and taste different tastes. It is possible to meet famous painters or writers, especially on its main street, Old Compton Street.

British Museum

british museum

British Museum, which was founded in the 1700s, that is, one of the oldest museums in the world, has a rich collection. In addition to the “brought” works from all over the world, there are also works that are gifted or bought to the country over time. The collection of handcrafted works of art launched by Sir Hans Sloane is worth seeing if you are interested.

Covent Garden

london attractions

The building, which was formerly used as a fruit and vegetable market, also included theaters, coffee shops and taverns. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that a large shopping center that has been invaded by tourists for the district, which has the appearance of a modern town with only shops and restaurants. It is possible to watch different performances of live music and street artists at different points around the clock.

Piccadilly Circus

places to visit in london

If you have an intention to engage in an activity such as musical, show, theater during your London trip, you should come here. Theaters in this region are always crowded. The arts and energy of the district are reflected in the square, and the square is illuminated with neon lights. It is an advantage to be close to Soho and Chinatown.


Although not on standard London trips, Greenwich is a must-see in London. This is a touristic town with a lush nature in the southeast of London and on the banks of the River Thames. Cutty Sark, which first welcomes you on the beach and named a whiskey brand, is a kind of fast sailing boat manufactured in 1869 to trade tea with China.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in London, is at the top of the list of places to visit in London, the world’s most famous wax sculpture museum located in central London near Regent’s Park, as you know. Many countries now have a branch of the Madame Tussauds Museum.

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