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North Cyprus; With its magnificent beaches, attractive climate and lively nightlife, it is a wonderful holiday route . Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an ideal destination for both short weekend getaways and long summer holidays. Here is the country guide of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which will answer everything you wonder about this island country.

Capital Of North Cyprus

Nicosia is capital of the North Cyprus is also the largest city in the island

North Cyprus Official Language

Turkish was accepted as the official language in Northern Cyprus. However, the language spoken in the country is called Cyprus Turkish among the people. There is only the differences between words in the context of some exceptional Turkish Cyprus and Turkey Turkish. In addition, English is among the widely spoken languages ​​in the country.

North Cyprus Time Zone

TRNC is located in GMT + 2 time zone. North Cyprus is Two hours ahead from The Uk.

North Cyprus Currency

The official currency of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is Turkish Lira. However, British Pound is also frequently used in the country.

North Cyprus Weather

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The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate just like the holiday resorts in the south of our country. Naturally, temperatures in the country are above a certain level throughout the year. The hottest period in the country, which has a climate that can be considered as dry, is July and August. In these months, temperatures of up to 40 degrees can be seen. In the winter months, Northern Cyprus is the scene of more temperate weather conditions. The country’s average annual temperature is 19 degrees.

If you really like hot weather and want a full summer holiday, you can plan your trip to Northern Cyprus in the summer. However, if you aim to stay away from overwhelming temperatures, you may prefer periods such as May, June or September and October. Sea water temperature in TRNC is quite high until the middle of autumn.

North Cyprus Flights

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Ercan International Airport (ECN) is the only airport in Northern Cyprus. It’s sometimes referred to as Lefkosa (Nicosia) Airport. Pegasus Airlines fly direct from the UK to Ercan. Onur Air also runs some seasonal charter flights from select British cities.

Transportation In North Cyprus

Ercan Airport in Nicosia is very close to the city center. Passengers who prefer the airline to travel to Northern Cyprus can travel from the airport to the city center by taxi or minibus. There are also buses and minibuses going to Kyrenia (Girne ) , Famagusta (Gazimagosa) city center from Ercan Airport. If you want to start your North Cyprus trip from Kyrenia or Famagusta , you can use the vehicles that go directly to Kyrenia or Famagusta from the airport.

Places To Visit In North Cyprus

Although the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a very small country, it offers many options to its visitors in terms of places to visit. There are many touristic buildings and places in many parts of the island, especially Nicosia and Kyrenia, the two biggest cities of the country. TRNC, which is a frequently preferred destination for sea holidays, has many beaches worth seeing.

Nicosia ( Lefkosa )

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Nicosia, the largest city in Northern Cyprus, which also hosts Ercan Airport, is usually the first stop for travelers visiting the island. The city, which hosts many historical and cultural buildings, has many places to visit. Although it may cause confusion from time to time with its name, Girne Gate, which is located in Nicosia and not in Kyrenia, is among the top places to be seen in the city.

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Kyrenia ( Girne )

north cyprus places to visit

One of the cities that you will definitely want to add to your route during your travels to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is Girne. Considered as the center of entertainment and summer tourism in the island country, Girne also offers a very rich historical and cultural travel experience. Girne Castle and the Sunken Ship Museum located within this castle are among the most popular sightseeing spots in the city.

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Famagusta ( Gazimagusa )


The city of Famagusta is one of the alternative routes waiting for the travelers who do not want to see only the two big cities of Northern Cyprus. Located in the east of the island country, the city is a port city. Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (St. Nicholas Cathedral), St. Salamis Ancient City. Glapsides Beach, which has many interesting structures such as Barnabas Monastery, Namık Kemal Mind and Museum, Twin Churches and historical Walls of Famagusta, is also one of the must-see places for travelers visiting the island in summer.

Where to Stay in Northern Cyprus?

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Northern Cyprus is a highly developed country, especially in summer tourism. There are many hotels and holiday villages in many cities, especially Girne and Nicosia, which are the major cities of the island country. Offering a wide range of accommodation options from ultra luxury hotels to boutique pensions.

What to Eat in Northern Cyprus?

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Northern Cyprus cuisine carries the traces of classical Turkish cuisine. Halloumi cheese is one of the most symbolic flavors of Northern Cyprus food culture blended with Mediterranean flavors and Greek inspirations. You can consume this delicious product, which is also called Cyprus cheese in our country, in various ways in its homeland. In addition to halloumi, one of the country’s traditional dishes, peach kebab, Cypriot patty and ravioli-like structure, which leave an unforgettable taste on the palates, are among the dishes that should be tasted in Cyprus.

North Cyprus Night Life

cyprus night life

The colorful nightlife of the country plays an important role among the factors that make Northern Cyprus such an attractive holiday destination. Artists from Turkey often ultra-luxury hotel located in the island country takes the stage. In addition to these organizations, the streets of Cyprus are quite colorful in terms of night life. In the country, which has a lot of night clubs, the heart of entertainment beats in Kyrenia.






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