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How to get cheap flights ?It is the ability to find cheap flights and catch flight campaigns is one of the specialties of travelers who travel frequently. Because we love traveling and we don’t want to pay a fortune for it. Flight ticket fares today cover most of our travel. If we improve our ability to find suitable flight tickets, we can reduce the travel budget and allocate more for vacation, entertainment and activity.

There are many factors that affect flight ticket prices. Finding cheap flights doesn’t require a lot of luck or extraordinary flair. All it takes is a bit of information and action. It is enough to keep in mind a few basic rules and apply it.

How To Find Cheap Flights

1. Keep Your Travel Dates Flexible

Flight ticket prices vary depending on the period to be visited. Many people prefer to go on Christmas, Christmas and Easter holidays. Again in our country, during the period between June and August, when schools are holidays and the most permissions are used, the planes are full due to high demand. Do not forget that flight tickets are higher during these periods. If you have the flexibility to travel, plan travel for dates outside of holiday periods.

2. Get Your Ticket At The Best Time

Flying mid-week is cheaper than flying over the weekend, because many of us prefer to go somewhere over the weekend. Experts say mid-week flying will save up to 10%. The day we look to find the cheap tickets are on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

3. Use Flight Ticket Search Engines

Try the airline search engines that do this for us, by entering the pages of the airline companies, where to fly and enter the dates one by one. Offering the most affordable comparisons for all airline tickets, flight ticket search engines should be sites you should add to favorites. They do the laborious research to find tickets practically and incredibly quickly for us. They find and compare the most up-to-date opportunities, thus offering us the most up-to-date opportunities.

4. Get Your Ticket Early

cheap flights

Flight ticket prices usually jump up like a rocket in the last 2 weeks. If your travel date is certain, start searching for tickets at least 3-4 months before this date. Do not miss when you catch the affordable price.

5. Get Your Ticket Last Minute

how to find cheap flight

Airlines organize last-minute deals and announce them to their members on the mailing lists. If you are flexible on routes and dates, you can get your ticket late to catch these campaigns to take advantage of last minute deals. The key word here is the flexibility of where you will fly, date and time. However, in recent years, almost everyone is in search of cheap tickets and many of the planes are flying almost full. Let me remind you that the chances of getting such opportunities are decreasing.

6. Check Other Alternative Airports

how to get cheap flights

Make it a habit to find cheap tickets. If there are airports that offer cheap ticket opportunities in the city you will go without getting stuck on the flights in front of you, search for them and see if there are cheap tickets there. If you can go cheaper by transferring.

7. Check Other Alternative Routes

Find and fly to the cheapest prices with the option of “all destinations” using the cheap ticket search engines or applications such as and Kayak. Famous tourist destinations are expensive not only in terms of flight tickets but also in other travel expenses. Guide your routes to different places.

8. Sign up for airlines mailing lists

Always be alert for the cheapest campaign flight prices. It is necessary to hurry, since the number of promoted seats is usually very small. To be informed early about the campaigns, sign up for the mailing lists of websites selling airline tickets . The most important thing you need to do to find this cheap flight ticket!

9. Check One-way Tickets From Different Airlines

Usually it is cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket. On the other hand, it may sometimes be cheaper to take one way round trip and return from different airline companies. Many flight search engine applications can do this for us, try it. Keep this in mind especially in destinations where competition is very high.

10. Use Bank Cards That Reward Miles

Almost everyone has a credit card in their pocket. Make every penny you spend with cards that accumulate miles. Banks offer campaigns to periodically open with half a number of miles for some destinations; Do not miss it !

eHolidayAdvisor‘s summary ;

Make quick decisions when promotional ticket deals arise with cheap flight ticket campaigns; Use the technology to find the most suitable flight ticket. We can now easily purchase tickets with mobile applications; Do not forget to delete the history of the web browser you used to search for tickets!





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