For those who are tired of hearing the same places. Here we recommend 10 amazing places which you could not believe it is real. These amazing places that are formed with natural events that can be seen in a million, areas that will fascinate with their magnificent scenery, and historical places where you will reach cultural satisfaction.

Who Wouldn’t Want to See the Northern Lights?

Here are some things you won’t find in Rome, Paris. The Northern lights offer a world that no place can promise with Reindeers and Husky Dogs. Yes, it is very cold, but going to the end of December is a great choice for both catching long nights and living the New Year’s Eve there.

Scary But Fascinating

Probably, if you see it in your nightmare, it is a place that you will not be able to afford for days and will go crazy as you think it draws you in. But dreaming can be a nightmare, not only to go and see, to witness an immense natural phenomenon and to spend time in the Waterfalls of the Gods.t

Time To Get Lost In Infinity

Everyone recommends that you see the flower gardens when you go to Japan. We say Bamboo Forests. It is a very special place with its colors, light and quietness.

The Earth Laughs In Flowers

Provance still has the most beautiful lavender gardens in the world. You have to rent a car to reach these gardens in southern France. Maybe you can spend a short time on your Nice and Marseille travels.

Aix-En Provence


This is a very special place, a place that we don’t want everyone to know. But if you are one of those who already have elite tastes, we will not hesitate to share it with you. It is a very sweet town in the Provance region. If you stop by car again, you can have a great day. We do not recommend accommodation; because it’s really expensive. The rich of France are already sitting here or acquiring a summer house. French Painter Cezanne is also from here.

See the Legacy Of A Civilization.

You can see the cultural heritage of Inca Civilization, one of the most established civilizations in the world. Do not think that this place alone is a wonderful nature. It is a residential area where Inca residents are engraved, processed and carved. This place, which survived the Spanish invasion and remained hidden until the 20th century, is also slowly sinking into the ground. So before you go, you need to buy tickets and get your share from the limited number of people visiting.

Cool off With The Wind of This Waterfall That Separates the Three Countries.

Real travelers know that South America is a thousand times more beautiful than North America. What separates Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, the three countries, is this waterfall in the middle. So we did not write a clear country. Argentina flag on one side and Brazil flag on the other. They say the view is better on the Brazilian side. If you are lucky, you can also see the rainbow falling on the waterfall from time to time.

Feel the Middle Ages

Brugge is great with its architecture, beers, laces and unique chocolates. If you want to go, first fly to Brussels, then jump on a train and arrive in 1 hour.

The World’s Largest Hindu Cave Temple.

The world’s largest Hindu temple cave is in Malaysia. This 400-million-year-old lime temple is visited by 5,000 people a day.

Vatnajökull Cave

This glacier cave is Iceland’s largest and Europe’s largest glacier in volume.
James Bond, 1985, starring Roger Moore With the appearance of Vatnajökull Glacier in the movie, the number of tourists gradually increased. Although it is one of the frequent destinations of Northern Europe visitors, not everyone dares because of the cold.10-Amazing Places You Will Never Believe Exist




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